Zodiac Sign and Orbit: These orbits correspond to your zodiac sign

Updated on 10/10/2022 at 1:55 PM

  • Be it Pisces, Leo or Capricorn – in astrology every zodiac sign has its preferences and strengths.
  • One is very empathetic, the other very goal-oriented.
  • Which jobs go well with which zodiac signs?

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Pisces are particularly artistically talented, Aries are ambitious and fit well in leadership positions – so each zodiac sign has its own strengths and preferences. If you haven’t found your dream job yet, take a look at the zodiac sign. That can reveal where the true calling might lie.

Pisces, Cancer, Libra, Gemini: Social Occupations

Pisces tend to be very artistic, very empathetic and understanding, which is why they can often be found in creative or social professions. But they lack perseverance – daydreams get in the way. It is especially important for many Pisces to be able to live up to their social character in their work, which is why they often work as doctors or nurses, animal caretakers, psychologists or educators. But there are also many Pisces in creative professions. For example, some work as a florist, artist, makeup artist or actor.

Humanity and good togetherness are very important to those born with cancer. They are also very perceptive, not using their elbows to climb the corporate ladder. They thrive when they can help others. Cancers often work as therapists, nurses, or doctors. Thanks to their nostalgic slant, they often become art or antique dealers.

Those born under the sign of Libra love harmony and justice. They also have great negotiation skills. They often become diplomats, lawyers or judges. It is important for them to be popular. But they always try to make everyone happy. Because of their flair for trends, Libras also often work as salespeople, hairdressers, designers or interior decorators.

Gemini are characterized by being highly communicative, articulate and sociable. The exchange with their fellow human beings is extremely important to Geminis. They often work as interpreters, journalists and in tourism or sales. Can’t decide? This is in the nature of Gemini, who needs a lot of variety and changes jobs more often than other zodiac signs.

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Aries, Leo, Capricorn: The Career People

Hardly any zodiac sign is as ambitious as Aries. People born under this sign often climb the corporate ladder faster than others. They do not like to hear or be instructed by others, which is why they are especially often found in management positions. They are brave and love challenges. Aries often becomes an entrepreneur, journalist, politician or police officer.

Leos love to be the center of attention, admired and adored. But just as easily the lion motivates and guides his colleagues and employees and he takes responsibility. A job with no growth opportunities? This is not for the lion! After all, his hard work should be rewarded with the necessary recognition. Very often Leos become entrepreneurs, politicians, presidents or directors of an organization. But lions are also good actors – after all, they can indulge their passion here and there is also applause.

The Capricorn is a real workaholic, always has something to do, is very goal oriented and disciplined. Yet he approaches the career ladder more calmly than the Aries or the Leo. The motto here is: step by step to the goal. Capricorns are particularly thorough and highly skilled, which is why they often lean towards handicrafts, such as craftsmen, restorers, engineers, watchmakers or architects.

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Virgo, Taurus, Sagittarius: The reliable collaborators

Virgo is dutiful, structured, orderly, well thought out and takes their job seriously. She is willing to work overtime, but prefers to stay in the background. These people often work as bookkeepers, clerks, archivists, pharmacist or doctor.

Taurus is reliable, calm and always keeps a cool head. He places great value on financial security and therefore does not take risks that could jeopardize his job. He is a real creature of habit who appreciates his fixed structures and processes. Taurus are good with money and can do business, which is why they are often bankers, stock brokers, financial advisors or even farmers and gardeners.

Unlike Taurus, Sagittarius does not like fixed structures and appreciates a varied workday with freedom. If a zodiac sign is a good fit for a stand-alone activity, it’s Sagittarius. Sagittarians are usually optimistic, believe in themselves and their plans. They are open and tolerant, humane, honest and like to go out and about. Very typical Taurus professions: pilot, field worker, sports teacher, editor, foreign language correspondent or tourism clerk.

Scorpio and Aquarius: The Scientists

When the scorpion sticks out its sting, colleagues have to be careful. Scorpios are fighters and have good assertiveness. You work very independently, are good analysts and like to solve puzzles. Very often they can be found in science, for example as a criminologist, archaeologist, psychiatrist, forensic scientist or surgeon.

Aquarius is imaginative and has a great sense of trends, he is progressive, innovative and experimental. People born in this sign are well suited for research positions. Often they are scientists, developers or technicians, but they can also be found in creative professions such as directors, film editors, moderators or fashion designers.
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People born under the sign of Virgo are considered perfectionists, ambitious, structured and caring. These stars celebrate their birthday between August 24 and September 23.

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