Your conclusion on the CoD Modern Warfare 2 beta is pretty clear

The GameStar Community Voted: What do our readers think of the recently held Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta? With our survey we want to capture the mood, draw attention to positive opinions and also make criticism recognizable.

With exactly 2,015 votes, participation is decent. And the results show a clear positive trend. 45 percent of respondents thought the beta of CoD MW 2 very good. So while the vast majority seem satisfied, the other half hesitates in between fantastic and catastrophe.

The result of the poll

Let’s get to the final result of our vote. All votes can be found here:

So come GameStar readers

  • Pretty good: 45 percent (901 votes) were more or less satisfied.
  • It goes well: 20 percent (407 votes) thought it was okay.
  • Fantastic: 16 percent (329 votes) were completely satisfied.
  • Not so good: 10 percent (192 votes) were previously dissatisfied.
  • catastrophe: 9 percent (186 votes) are completely dissatisfied.

Our author Sascha Penzhorn also went through the beta. Why the testing phase makes him skeptical is best explained in his inimitable way:

Beta conclusion - anticipation turns to skepticism


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Beta conclusion – anticipation turns to skepticism

That’s what GameStar readers are saying about the MW2 beta

In addition to the raw numbers, we also wanted to read your opinion in text form. This creates an ambivalent picture. For community member CakeDeluxe, the beta was a complete disaster because of the game design:

More technical issues than I’ve ever experienced during a CoD beta, terrible interface, winning campers – for me it has little to do with tactics, poor balance, […] loveless cards, you have to play against bots in some modes.

There are also direct contradictions about this. For example, Realchicken answers:

For me, the beta cards are extremely successful. Reminds me a bit of Counter-Strike in the 6vs6 modes. Not too open, sufficient coverage and also a perfect size. Previously had something to complain about in the cards in every CoD or in every beta, not here.

An overview of all maps of the multiplayer shooter can be found here:

All multiplayer maps at a glance


CoD Modern Warfare 2

All multiplayer maps at a glance

Captain Cola puts itself somewhere in the middle, criticizing the similarity to the series’ predecessor and happy with the planned extended support for CoD Modern Warfare 2:

I thought it was ok but sadly it doesn’t really look any better than Modern Warfare [von 2019]. It felt faster to me, which is quite negative for me.
It is of course positive that it will be supported for two years. I still occasionally play the last three parts, but of course it’s always more interesting with new cards etc.

Sgt.DC gives an overall positive impression and refers to the Ground War mode, which is good for him as an alternative to Battlefield 2042:

I enjoyed Ground War the most, but I’m also a Battlefield veteran. After 2042 it was very disappointing, I am in a good mood here.

7 minutes of battlefield feeling in CoD Modern Warfare 2: This is how Ground War plays!

7:30 am

7 minutes of battlefield feeling in CoD Modern Warfare 2: This is how Ground War plays!

Check out Ground War gameplay in our video above.

Is your opinion missing or do you want to add something? Let us know what you (did) like about the Call of Duty MW 2 beta in the comments!

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