You can try a new MMORPG on Steam soon

The MMORPG Traha Global from the developers Moai Games will be released next month. The graphics are reminiscent of Lost Ark, but in a 3rd person perspective.

What kind of game is this? Traha is an open world MMORPG developed with Unreal Engine 4. You create a character and choose a class, which you can change later. In the world of Traha, a war rages between two belligerent kingdoms of Vulcan and Naiad, each worshiping the gods of fire and water.

You join one of the two kingdoms waging massive RvR battles against each other. A total of 100v100 players will compete against each other. In addition, Traha Global also offers plenty of PvE content such as classic raids and dungeons.

It also offers this content:

  • Weapons and classes you switch between. Includes scythe, bow, shield, double blades, staff and brass knuckles.
  • In PvE, you will encounter bosses whose mechanics you must decode to defeat them and collect loot.
  • Different PvP Modes: In addition to the RvR battles, there is also a 1v1 arena, zone battles, conquests and more.
  • crafting and cooking. Crafted items support you in battle.
  • You can level professions like in Final Fantasy XIV, for example there are collectors and fishermen.

Here’s the Traha Global trailer:

Traha Global Preview Trailer

Originally, Traha was supposed to be a purely mobile game, which is unfortunately reflected in the user interface. The version on Steam does not seem to be optimized for keyboard and mouse. Nevertheless, the graphics are preserved on the PC, which are visually reminiscent of Lost Ark. Landscapes, buildings and characters are sometimes strongly reminiscent of the popular MMORPG.

When will Traha appear? The release of Traha Global is in November 2022. We don’t know an exact date yet. But it should come out for PC and mobile at the same time.

What do you think of Traha Online? How do you like the graphics? Want to try the MMORPG when it comes out in November? Are you looking forward to the massive PvP battles? Do you prefer to play via Steam or get the game for mobile? Are you more afraid of the mobile user interface on the PC? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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