Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Which is Better?

For frequent gamers with an Xbox account, Game Pass offers a wide selection of games at a flat rate. But which variant should you book?

The Game Pass from Microsoft’s games offshoot Xbox is a great asset: more than 100 games are available at a flat rate and can be played at any time with no restrictions. Among them are current premium hits that would be very expensive to buy, such as Halo Infinite, Flight Simulator (which features an original crossover of the two games) or the Forza Horizon racing series (although the spectacular Hot Wheels DLC costs extra).

Xbox Standard or Ultimate: these are the differences

Also included is the EA Play subscription, which includes FIFA 23, for example. Many of the titles are permanently included in Game Pass, while others are swapped out regularly. Especially for avid gamers who always want to try something new, but also regularly download the top titles, Microsoft’s flat-rate offer is a great thing that can save you a lot of money.

Game Pass: Popular flat rate for gamers.

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Also included is Xbox Live Gold, a requirement for multiplayer mode in many games. In addition, the included games can also be used remotely, ie with a WLAN connection on the go on a laptop with lower performance, tablet or even smartphone.

Gamescom 2022 in Cologne: Gamers celebrate their favorite hobby so exuberantly

Two visitors to Gamescom 2022 take a selfie in front of a promotional statue advertising the “Goat Simulator 3” game. ©
Two fans stand at a playstation at Gamescom 2022 and play a game.  They wear headphones.
Trade show visitors test games at Gamescom ©
The video game space
Play space for the title “Moonbreak” ©
Someone neatly paints a tabletop figure at Gamescom 2022.
Table fans will also get their money’s worth at Gamescom 2022. ©
A Formula 1 vehicle painted in advertising colors as an exhibit at Gamescom 2022
A Formula 1 vehicle at Gamescom 2022 ©
The advertising stand for “Farming Simulator 22” at Gamescom 2022 including a large tractor
The advertising standard for “Farming Simulator 22” © employees report from Gamescom 2022
The team at Gamescom 2022 ©
Some trade fair visitors test the new “Farming Simulator 22” on site, even with a steering wheel.
Exhibition visitors test the “Farming Simulator 22” ©
Marketing Booths at Gamescom 2022
Display for the games “One Piece Odyssey” and “The Devil In Me” ©
Trade fair visitors test new video games on the playstations on the trade visitors day at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne
Another Playstation at Gamescom 2022 ©
Gamescom 2022 preview area for the Ubisoft video game “Skull & Bones”
The Play Area for “Skull & Bones” ©
The Microsoft Xbox booth at Gamescom 2022 on Trade Visitor Day.
The Xbox booth at Gamescom 2022 ©
A trade show visitor at a plague station at Gamescom 2022
Exhibition visitors at Gamescom 2022 ©
Part of an Exhibition Hall at Gamescom 2022
Publisher Stands at Gamescom 2022 ©
The transition between the exhibition halls on the trade visitors day at Gamescom 2022
Gamescom 2022 ©

Xbox Standard or Ultimate: subscription for everything or rather something special?

But which variant should you choose? Two different ones are offered under the name Game Pass: The Game Pass and the Game Pass Ultimate.

  • The Game Pass Ultimate is – as the name suggests – the big solution. This allows subscribers to gamble on all devices, namely the Xbox Series X/S and One consoles and on the PC. So it is perfect for those who play on different devices. Game Pass Ultimate costs 12.99 euros per month, but online there are always attractive special offers from third-party providers. A trial month costs one euro.
  • At Game Pass in the standard version you have to choose between PC and Xbox console, this subscription only works on one of the two alternatives. So it is just as suitable for avid PC gamers as it is for console users. The latter can also remotely use a PC, Mac or tablet via the detour, but then do not get a 4k resolution. Officially, the standard version costs 9.99 euros per month, but game discounters also offer discounts here.
  • live gold also available separately: The multiplayer subscription with purchased games including the remote option only gets two free games from the second or third row per month. Officially it costs 6.99 euros per month, about half that in free trade – especially longer maturities are cheap.

A very special bargain trick is also popular in the scene: if you book as many Live Gold months as possible (for a maximum of three years), you can upgrade to the Game Pass Ultimate for just one euro. However, this is an action that Microsoft can stop at any time.

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