WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1211 Results & Report from Worcester, Massachusetts on 07/10/2022 (Incl. Voices & Videos)

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World Wrestling Entertainment “Friday Night SmackDown #1211”
Location: DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Date: 07 October 2022
Spectators: around 5,800

As the show begins, we’re greeted by Michael Cole and his new partner, Wade Barrett, at the Friday Night SmackDown season premiere. The show will be opened by none other than “The Game” Triple H himself. He is already in the ring, welcoming the fans into the stadium and those in front of the television. Amid frantic reactions, he says there will come a time when everything will be over, but that’s exactly when new beginnings will begin. A QR code is clearly visible on his microphone. As Hunter exits the ring, Roman Reigns music plays and the entire Bloodline enters the rope area. During the submission, we see an excerpt from the press conference where the match between the Tribal Chief and Logan Paul was made official. First, Reigns takes the floor personally with the classic words: “Worcester, acknowledge me!”. But he can’t say more because he is interrupted by Logan Paul. He comes with a microphone on the apron of the ring. Reigns tells him to get into his ring on his show because everyone wants to hear what the two factions have to say. He enters the ring with loud “Logan Sucks” chants. The head of the table says he once got those reactions himself, and now he’s the best ever. That’s why it’s important that Paul is here today, because he still has a lot to learn. This is the saying for Paul Heyman. He also always has some wisdom on hand and wonders who the hell Logan Paul is. Paul is nothing more than an internet celebrity getting a little attention while the whole world is watching Roman Reigns. Heyman also brings in Jordan Peterson (a Canadian sociologist who has gotten some social media attention in recent years) and other social media figures smart enough not to mess with the tribal chief. Paul seems to want to share with the whole world what it feels like to be destroyed by Roman Reigns and this is not a prediction but a spoiler. Now Logan Paul can also say something and has a question. With loud “What!?” chants he asks who is the real chieftain, Roman Reigns or Jey Uso? Reigns isn’t happy about this and there is a sort of staredown between the two, which Jey Uso tries to avoid. Trying to clarify the situation, Sami Zayn lists Reigns’ successes and emphasizes that no one wants to dispute them. Jey Uso didn’t do anything wrong and the only problem is the YouTube personality. Logan Paul is no more and will never be more than a number 2. After Crown Jewel, the Bloodline will still be there, but Logan Paul won’t. The Roman Reigns music plays again and the opening segment ends. After the next commercial break we see Solo Sikoa active in the ring.

1. Match
singles match
Solo Sikoa defeated Ricochet via pinfall after spinning solo (Spinning Uranage).
Match time: 08:16
– Sikoa attacked Ricochet before the match.

After the game, we see the rest of the Bloodline in their personal room. Sami Zayn emphasizes how happy he is that Solo Sikoa is part of the Bloodline. He would like to take him under his wing, which Jey Uso doesn’t like. He says that Sikoa is her brother and not Zayn’s. He replies that Jey shouldn’t be such a hothead, which infuriates him again. Roman Reigns agrees, however, adding that Jey has always been a hothead. This is a problem and always has been. Reigns doesn’t want that problem and says it’s Sami Zayn’s problem now.

We see Hit Row arriving in the arena. We’ll probably see them after the next commercial.

Yet we first see the Uso’s wandering through the aisles with Sami Zayn. Apparently there are still disagreements. They face Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. The first pokes fun at Jey by noting that Main Event Jey Uso Sami Zayn has become my boss Jey Uso. This provokes some discussion and Zayn proposes a six-man tag team match. Until then, De Nieuwe Dag must look for another partner.

Actually we should be a match of Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis (with B-Fab)) but when they get to the ring they are attacked. The attackers are none other than the Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro). They must have a fourth member with them when B-Fab is attacked by Zelina Vega. This also introduces their new group. SmackDown will be theirs in the future.

Now we see a rabbit in 8-bit style. This one digs for an “X”, which should mark a treasure. But then a beam of light appears and the rabbit dies. After that, there will be an announcement for tomorrow night, with the message: “Feed your hero”, which we see in several languages.

2. Match
Tag team match
Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi defeated Xia Li & Sonya Deville via a Raquel Rodriguez pinfall on Sonya Deville after the Texana bomb.
Match time: 02:16

A video is shown that sheds light on the history between Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan. Rousey makes it clear that there will be no controversy this time around.

Then we hear the music of Karrion Kross, who takes the stage together with Scarlett. In a black and white filter they stride towards the ring. Once there, Drew McIntyre suddenly stands behind Kross and a brawl breaks out. The Scotsman belts himself and his opponent tomorrow and before it all escalates, some security personnel come to the ring, but they are gradually taken out by McIntyre. Kross can take advantage of this and gain the upper hand. After countless blows with the leather band, a visibly battered McIntyre remains outside the ring. Kross’s music plays again and he celebrates his deeds.

Now it’s time for a Viking Raiders clip. They say they have waited, grown and are now stronger than ever. We also hear a female voice that says that Valhalla is waiting for us.

3. Match
Six man tag match
The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) & Braun Strowman defeated Sami Zayn & The Usos (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso) via a Xavier Woods pinfall on Jimmy Uso after a backbreaker/stomp combination.
Match time: 10:31
– During the match, there were again some disputes between Jey Uso and Sami Zayn, who Jimmy Uso tried to resolve.
– One of these arguments also led to the finish.

Backstage we see Ma.çé and Mån.sôör̃ lying on the floor. This was probably the work of Max Dupri, who is insulted by his sister Maxxine. He doesn’t want to use that name anymore, because this group is just rubbish. He only wants to be called LA Knight in the future.

Michael Cole and Wade Barrett hype up today’s Main Event again, announcing some games for next week. Sami Zayn takes on Kofi Kingston and LA Knight takes on Mån.sôör̃. Again, we get a video about the previous story between Sheamus and Gunther.

4. Match
WWE Intercontinental Championship
singles match
Gunther (c) defeated Sheamus via a pinfall after a clothesline with the shillelagh.
match time:
– During a commercial break, the White Rabbit’s 8-bit video is replayed.
– Not only the fans were enthusiastic about this clash, this match was really worth it!
– Towards the end of the match, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci came to the ring to motivate their leader. Butch and Ridge Holland then arrived and a brawl broke out outside the ring. Ludwig Kaiser was able to use this distraction to present Gunther de Shillelagh.

With cheers from Gunther, knockout from Sheamus and brawls, this edition of Friday Night SmackDown concludes.


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