WoW: WotLK Classic: First raids are open

from Sebastian Glosser
After players had some time to get their characters to level 80 in WoW WotLK Classic, the expansion’s first three raids are now open as well. For Naxxramas, the developers have made another important note.

The first raid ID of WoW WotLK Classic has started and with it three raids open their doors. Players can immerse themselves in the reboot of Naxxramas, the eye of eternity and the obsidian shrine going on board The challenges are simpler than before. Some guilds have already been able to complete Naxxramas without losses and secure the success of the Undying.

Speaking of Naxxramas: the developers write on twitter, that skipping bosses won’t be possible or will come with a disappointing surprise. “We’ve made some changes to the raid since the last testing phase. Don’t be surprised if boss skips lead to disappointing results.”

These raids are open in WoW WotLK Classic


The sprawling necropolis of Naxxramas, seat of the dreaded lich Kel’Thuzad, looms over Wintergarde Hold in the Dragonblight, and his undead master waits to aid the Lich King in his deadly machinations.

  • Raid Bosses: 15
  • Level: 80 (10 and 25 player game modes available)
  • Location: Dragonblight

About the Naxxramas guides:

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The Eye of Eternity is located in the center of Coldarra. Here players must defeat the blue dragon aspect Malygos.

  • Raid Bosses: 1
  • Level: 80 (10 and 25 player game modes available)
  • Location: Borean Tundra

To the guide: WoW WotLK Classic: How to beat Malygos in the Eye of Eternity (10s/25s)

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