WoW: Alliance storms Thunderrock – a single shaman defeats them all!

from Phillip Sattler
In WoW, if 40 Alliance fighters team up to raid a Horde city, they might have to be careful not to all go in one elevator together. Because otherwise they quickly go down again, but without an elevator.

WoW has changed a lot over time. New features and mechanics have come and gone, and many traditions have been cast aside. One of them is the regular attacks on the capitals of the enemy faction. Hardly a weekend in Classic has gone by for a 40-man team to take down bosses in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ironforge or Thunder Bluff.

InWoW (buy now ) Classically, this tradition returns again and again, albeit quite rarely. For beyond fame and glory, there was little to gain for the brave heroes of the Horde and Alliance. Still, it happened from time to time that 40 players got together to make their way into enemy territory. Usually they were more successful than this brave pair of Alliance members.

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