World Cup 2022: Sales stands moved – new buzz over beer serving in Qatar

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Sales Booths Moved – New Hustle Over Beer Pouring In Qatar

World Cup 2018 - England - Panama

Watch the matches in Qatar with a beer mug in your mouth? A difficult task

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Alcohol consumption during the World Cup in Qatar is increasingly becoming a political issue. In fact, everything was arranged with regard to the service. But shortly before the tournament starts, the host country changes its strategy again.

WA few days before the start of the World Cup, host country Qatar changed its strategy regarding serving alcohol during matches. According to media reports, the grandstands that were already around the stadiums have been demolished and now need to be rebuilt in other places. As reported by BILD, the Qataris would continue to push for a ban, but FIFA and their beer sponsor are resisting.

“We are working with FIFA to ensure fans have the best possible access to our products,” says the brewery and group of companies Anheuser-Busch InBev, a major sponsor of the world governing body FIFA. She serves the Budweiser brand. They were notified on Saturday and are working with FIFA “to move the outlets to the desired locations. Our focus is on providing the best possible customer experience under the new circumstances.”

The World Cup organizing committee rejected the reports. There are no new rules for serving alcohol, a spokesman for the German news agency said. Certain catering areas would be moved, including some Budweiser tents. However, these remained within the stadium area as before. Serving times and number of stands would not be changed in any of the eight stadiums.

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It was planned that during the tournament from November 20 to December 18, fans would be allowed to purchase alcoholic beer in certain zones within the stadium areas – but not directly in the arenas and only before and after matches. Non-alcoholic beer is served in the stadiums. In the evening, serving is also allowed at the official fan festival in the center of the capital Doha.

A guide to alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not completely banned in Qatar, but is only served in very limited quantities, for example in bars or restaurants in certain hotels. Foreigners who have a residence permit can also buy it in a shop, but must be over 21 years old and need a permit to do so.

Due to the strict regulations, the English fan association “Football Supporters Association” has even published a guide on alcohol consumption in Qatar. “Do not bring alcohol into the country and do not drink on the street! Otherwise you will be threatened with deportation or arrest. The host country itself had announced that it would set up sobering zones for drunken football fans.

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