World Cup 2022: revealing the opening match! Insiders with strong accusations

The 2022 World Cup has been heavily criticized since it was awarded to Qatar. Despite all the accusations of corruption, human rights violations, stadium deaths and much more, the World Cup will start on Sunday with the opening game.

Shortly before the start of the tournament, the next scandal threatens the World Cup 2022. There are allegations of fraud surrounding the opening game Qatar against Ecuador that can hardly be surpassed in explosiveness.

World Cup 2022: attempted bribery in opening game Qatar – Ecuador?

It is believed in the public eye that Qatar only brought the 2022 World Cup to the emirate through bribery. Shortly before the start of the football tournament, another scandal of enormous proportions threatens.

Renowned political pundit Amjad Taha posts massive accusations on Twitter. Five insiders from Qatar and Ecuador have confirmed that the host country tried to win the opening game through bribery.

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Insiders report millions of offers to players from Ecuador

Taha told insiders that eight Ecuadorian internationals were offered $7.4 million to finish the game 1-0. “We hope it is wrong. We hope that this information will influence the outcome. The world should stand up against FIFA corruption,” writes the expert and regional head of the British Center for Middle East Studies and Research.

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