World Cup 2022: Embarrassing confusion in Qatar

Football fans wait in front of the 974 stadium in Qatar. Image: dpa/Christian Charisius

World Cup 2022

Luke Grybowski

The debate about human rights violations and how to deal with the LGBTIQ+ community in Qatar defines a large part of the first days of the World Cup.

Whether it’s the one-love captain’s armband and FIFA’s ban, the strict dress code at the stadium or dealing with journalists, for whom working conditions in the emirate have been difficult.

For example, the Danish reporter Rasmus Tantholdt was not allowed to film in a public square before the start of the tournament and he was threatened with destroying the camera. His colleague and a cameraman from broadcaster “TV2” were approached by a police officer on Tuesday after filming with the One Love bandage on his arm.

After a short discussion, the policeman grabbed the camera and stopped the video.

Now another incident underlines the actions of the Qatari police. But in doing so, they made a pretty serious mistake.

2022 World Cup: Police confused the rainbow flag

According to Brazilian journalist Victor Pereira, the Qatari police took the flag of their state of Pernambuco from Brazilian fans. In a short video from the journalist, only officials can be seen discussing with the fans and lowering the flag.

According to the journalist, the flag was then thrown to the ground and kicked.

Because the big problem for the officials: the flag of the state in northeastern Brazil has a kind of rainbow of red, yellow and green that runs between a star and a sun on a blue background.

However, it was very clear to the officials that this is the rainbow flag of the LGBTIQ+ community.

After officials noticed that the Brazilian journalist had filmed the situation, he too was targeted by the officials. They allegedly took his mobile phone from him.

Officially accredited by FIFA, the journalist was asked to delete the video to get his phone back.

But other surrounding fans turned their cameras on the situation. “Fortunately people filmed it,” he writes with the video.

However, at the end of the video, the fans can be seen holding their flag again.

A few minutes before the start of the match between Mexico and Poland, a confusing incident occurred on ZDF on Tuesday afternoon. As the football players are shown in the aisle before entering the stadium, an annoying noise can be heard over and over during the TV broadcast.

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