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Pyro before kick-off: The Essen fans ignite the Grünwalder. © IMAGE

High pressure at the end of the year: TSV 1860 fights the crisis. From the Grünwalder Stadium we report live on the match against RW Essen.

  • TSV 1860 Munich against Rot-Weiss Essen: Last game of the third division of the year at the Grünwalder Stadium.
  • High pressure on Köllner-Elf: The Lions fight the crisis after three defeats in a row.
  • We report in the live ticker from the Grünwalder Stadium: The kick-off is at 7 p.m.

Update from November 14 6:08 PM: Tense atmosphere around the Grünwalder. And that has nothing to do with the sporting situation. The police block the way from Wettersteinplatz to the stadium for home fans, only residents of Essen are allowed to walk here. The fact that they have to go around the outside causes displeasure with some lion supporters.

The people of Essen don’t have it easy either. The crowds are huge, the queue for the guest entrance is correspondingly long. And some tickets don’t work at the entrance, they have to be checked at the box office. Long waiting times for the fans. The Essen block is already well filled.

Update from November 14 5:12 PM: Large contingent at Munich Central Station – especially from food fans. About 2,000 road riders are expected in Munich. A few hours before Monday evening’s game, this is already clearly noticeable in the Bavarian capital. At the central station, football fans are greeted by numerous police officers. ratio about one to one. But there were no riots or anything like that.

A lot is happening at the main station: about 2,000 road riders would accompany RW Essen to the match in Munich.
A lot is happening at the main station: about 2,000 road riders would accompany RW Essen to the match in Munich. © fkn

First report of November 14, 5:06 PM: Munich – Will TSV 1860 Munich have a good end of the year? After three consecutive defeats and reports of a final for Michael Köllner, Rot-Weiss Essen is the last chance for a sense of accomplishment before the long World Cup hiatus. Günther Gorenzel emphasizes that there is no ultimatum for Köllner. Yet the route is of course clear: the lions want to fight and win – also for the coach.

1860 Munich against RW Essen in the live ticker: Conciliatory end of the year in Giesing?

And for the table. After all, in 1860 the minimum goal beckons if you win: third place. Will the lions end their dry period against RW Essen? Or is there an awkward World Cup break? We will find out live today at the Grünwalder Stadium and report in the live ticker.

In Giesing they hope on Monday that defensive jewel Leandro Morgalla can help. The youngster injured his tibia in the bankruptcy against Freiburg II. Whether it is enough against food should only be decided hours before kick-off.

TSV 1860 against RW Essen: Newcomers with offensive power abroad – the lions are trapped

The lions should definitely be warned about the guests. Promoted Essen has been showing itself better and better in recent weeks and especially strong outdoors. RW all won their last three matches abroad (against Oldenburg, Mannheim and Freiburg) and scored ten goals.

At TSV 1860, on the other hand, things went badly wrong in the offensive since striker Marcel Bär made a comeback. The Lions have gone three games without a goal. Köllner suspects that the team relies too much on the reigning top scorer. Are the objections effective? And the lions another face? (tired)

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