Will Lufthansa pass the first 787 as early as 2024?

FRANKFURT – Lufthansa’s first 787-9 is still home to many Hainan Airlines – Lufthansa is only moderately adapting the cabins. From December, Lufthansa will initially use the 787-9 in its own intercontinental network. According to circles, the first Dreamliners for Lufthansa Airlines are only an interim solution.

Lufthansa struck during the crisis. The airline has purchased five 787-9s available at short notice for which Hainan Airlines had canceled Boeing.

In the new 787-9, 294 seats are divided into a business class with 26 seats in an inverted herringbone configuration, which is quite compact by Frankfurt standards, a premium economy class with 21 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration and a regular economy with 247 seats in rows of nine.

Lufthansa has only superficially adjusted the Hainan cabins. The “Sprinters”, as the first 787-9s in Frankfurt are also called, only bridge the all-new Lufthansa on-board world – and are probably only an interim solution. At least for the core brand.

“The 787 Sprinters will not stay with Lufthansa Airlines permanently,” said a person familiar with the plans aero.de. Once the Frankfurt hub is equipped with enough Lufthansa-spec 787-9s, “the Hainan aircraft will be used elsewhere in the group.”

That could be the case as early as “2024 or 2025,” the insider said. The Sprinter should actually be delivered at the end of 2021. “The Lufthansa phase will be a bit compressed due to the delays at Boeing.”

Lufthansa plans between 2022 and 2027 with a total of 32 787-9. The group has so far left open the question of the group’s internal distribution of the 787.

The greatest need for new long-haul aircraft is with Austrian Airlines – about 767s and 777s from the subsidiary in Austria survived the late 1990s. Another contender for the early 787-9 is the Swiss holiday daughter Edelweiss.

Intercontinental by the end of the year

The first five 787s aren’t the only exotic cabins in the Lufthansa fleet — Lufthansa has leased four Airbus A350-900s from Philippine Airlines stock into the fleet.

Lufthansa will initially send the first 787-9 back and forth between Frankfurt and Munich from October 19 to familiarize pilots and flight attendants with the newcomer for the first long-haul flights. Lufthansa plans this around December – expected to be on the Frankfurt – Newark line.

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