Will Corona variant BQ.1.1 bring the fall wave? Lauterbach involved

Of the It’s autumn and winter not long in coming. This also increases concerns about a new corona wave, and also how dangerous it could be for us. At the moment it is becoming clear that one variant of the virus in particular in the cold season could set the tone: BQ.1.1. This was reported by, among others, Hessian/Lower Saxony General (HNA) or the Focus in recent days.

In any case, this is currently increasing particularly strongly in our latitudes. According to that Cambridge researcher Cornelius Römer this mutation is gaining momentum in Europe and North America and could no later than the end of November unleash a massive wave of infection. “Their relative share has more than doubled every week”, the bioinformatician calculates the spread of BQ.1.1. on Twitter, pointing out that the variant could be up to ten percent more contagious than the previously prevalent one.

according to Romans the number of infections is increasing already, which can be traced back to the new variant. Noisy Online focus to show Pre-print studies from China and Swedenthat BQ.1.1. poorly recognized by the immune system. The news magazine quotes the Basel virologist Richard Neher, in whose eyes the mutation “a similar immune escape and mutations in comparable positions” to BA.2.75.2, which is currently dominant.

Danger of “immune flight” – BQ.1.1. particularly fast in infections

That is why Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) warns that: Restored could easily catch the new variant. “For example, if the BQ.1.1 variant prevails, those who got infected in the summer would probably easily get infected again,” the Social Democrat recently stated in an interview for the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

But how does it work? Vaccination against BQ.1.1.? Experts dare according to the Focus until no statement yet until. At least he should new boosters According to the first reviews it makes sense because it is the new variant is a descendant of BA.5, for which the current booster vaccine is designed. In general yes any prior vaccination option may be better than none at all. “It seems now is a good time to get a booster,” says scientist Cornelius Römer.

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