Why Love is King is the worst dating show ever

Dating shows are a bit like dating apps: there are already too many of them, but still someone comes up with the idea to come up with a new format. And because the “Bridgerton” series has been so well received in recent years and other historical comics made modern also have successes, ProSieben thought: you can turn it into a dating show!

That’s why there’s now Love is King, aka the Bridgerton edition of Bachelor in Paradise, aka the most awkward dating show in the world of trash TV. The whole spectacle is hosted by Olivia Jones, who takes on the role of lady-in-waiting and as (drag) queen Olivia among everyone Attendees Princes and princesses cut absolutely the best figure. But one by one…

What is Love is King about?

The idea behind “Love is King” is as follows: In the first episode eleven selected singles (already known from other dating or reality TV formats, but this time there are REALLY with serious intentions and not to number increase followers on Instagram) in “chic” clothes and should get to know each other in a very old-fashioned way. Without smartphones and distractions, but according to the decent rules that were common at the beginning of the 19th century – hand kisses, curtsy and dancing included. “Instead of messing around in the pool half-naked and naughty, ‘Love is King’ is all about meandering around the castle pond in smart clothes,” summarizes Olivia Jones.

The whole show is structured as “Bachelor in Paradise”. There are joint activities – instead of drinking we are talking about dance lessons here -, dates in horse-drawn carriages and balls where the princes and princesses choose a dance partner every week and one person is eliminated at the end. And so that it doesn’t get boring, there are of course always new participants. Sounds like the biggest freak show you can imagine? It is. I’ll tell you now why I think “Love is King” is really bad.

#1 Carnival in kindergarten?

When it comes to thrash TV, I’m a tough guy and I’ll watch shit (oh, I forgot about etiquette for a second), but I could barely keep my eyes on the screen from Love is King. The whole setting is soooo uncomfortable and I felt like I was watching a clip from a toddler costume party. So clumsy when they’re all doing gymnastics in their hideous outfits and trying to act like real princes and princesses… bad.

#2 Hello, cliché – Ciao, emancipation

And let’s be honest: how cliché is it that all the contestants find this princess thing so horny and pretend it’s every woman’s childhood dream?! “Feeling like a princess once and meeting the man of your dreams in a beautiful dress in an amazing castle is a fairytale idea,” says candidate Karima, for example. Well, I’ve always thought princesses were stupid and if someone put me in a dress like that, I couldn’t guarantee anything.

#3 What’s the name?

Speaking of emancipation, why is the show called “Love is King”? It may be that the title is a nod to Bill Gates’ “Content is King” quote and is simply meant to express that love is the most important thing – but I still find it sobering and related to the fact that this is where the early 19th century, when women’s rights were rather weak, is rather inappropriate. Maybe we should have reconsidered. #thinkingisking

#4 Mission “No More Shallowness” Failed

What is the focus of the show again? Oh yes, modern dating should be renounced. As most singles make clear at the outset, one thing seems to bother them most: superficiality and high standards. With “Love is King” that changes, only the character is taken into account…not. Nevertheless, it’s all about who looks the best in the prey plan and what the prince charming or dream princess should look like.

But what did I expect?! Nothing really, to be honest. At the latest when I found ex-Bachelorette candidate Julian among the princes, everything was clear anyway. One can only hope he follows the rules and none of the princesses with a kiss in the helicopter in the carriage, as he did with Maxime, the cavalier of the roses. Because Queen Olivia must of course give her permission first and would certainly be anything but enthusiastic…

“Love is King” will be broadcast every Thursday at 8:15 PM on ProSieben from October 6, 2022. With Joyn PLUS+ you can already watch all six episodes of the first season.

Image source: Joyn/ProSieben/Nadine Rupp

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