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Get the console in the discount battle

Buy Nintendo Switch on Black Friday: get the best price here

Do you want a Nintendo Switch for a bargain price? The first offers are already coming in for Black Friday.


Of the Black Friday 2022 About to begin. The biggest shopping event of the year will take place on November 25. But dealers are knocking out some good offers ahead of time to get in the mood for the discount bash. There are also isolated deals for them nintendo switch classic, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED. Here in this article we will keep you informed.

Best price for the Nintendo Switch in a bundle

Nintendo also offers the console in a set with a game. You can usually save a bit with these bundles – now in Black Week the price is dropping too. At Media Markt and Saturn you will currently find the lowest price ever for the Nintendo Switch including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe*.

With a price of 288 euros instead of 342 euros game fans can save just in time for Black Friday. The deal is worth it, because the bundle has never been cheaper. If you want to save on Christmas gifts & Co., you can strike here without hesitation.

Switch OLED: Save 10 percent on Nintendo consoles

The newer model of the Nintendo Switch* shines with a crystal clear OLED screen. Colors and black levels are therefore at their best. In addition, the storage space is twice as large as the original model. The console is especially worthwhile for those who gamble a lot on the go and want the best possible image quality on the display. All available games are compatible with Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED models.

You can currently go around at some stores Save 10 percent. Of 333 euros you currently have the cheapest price.

Nintendo Switch OLED Nintendo switch Nintendo Switch Lite
controllers Detachable Joy Cons Detachable Joy Cons Firmly integrated
screen 7 inch OLED 6.2 inch LED 5.5 inch LED
TV support Yes Yes no
Storage 64 GB (expandable) 32 GB (expandable) 32 GB (expandable)
battery pack 5.5 hours 5 hours 5.5 hours

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Buy Nintendo Switch Lite on Black Friday

The smallest variant of the Switch is worth it for anyone looking to gamble on the go. The model is slightly smaller and can only be used as a handheld, but it is also considerably cheaper. During Black Week you can join the Nintendo Switch Lite* save.

Here’s what the Nintendo Switch offers:

the Nintendo switch has gone through the roof due to its special concept: it is a hybrid van portable console for on the go and stationary console for the TV At home. There are also many exclusive titles from Nintendo for the Switch: Super Mario, Zelda & Co. can only be played on the Switch.

On Black Friday and Black Week around November 25, it’s worth looking at the deals – you can already find good prices. The current best price for the bundle with Mario Kart 8 can be found at Media Markt and Saturnus.

Even more deals on Black Friday 2022

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