“Who Are These People?”: Sat.1 Announces Seven “Celebrity Big Brother” Candidates

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From: Luke Einkammerer


“Celebrity Big Brother” is celebrating a big anniversary on November 18, 2022. For the tenth season of the popular reality show, Sat.1 has therefore brought some famous guests on board. The first seven participants have already been announced.

Cologne – How time flies. Sat.1 has been inviting more or less famous guests to the container on “Promi Big Brother” for ten years now and provides great entertainment – and great drama every season. Under the watchful eye of the ‘big brother’ and moderator duo Jochen Schropp (43) and Marlene Lufen (51) the residents face heavy tasks and are always afraid of being kicked out and the end of their dream of reality TV fame.

Top class than usual: Sat.1 announces the first seven “Celebrity Big Brother” participants

While the successful reality format has slackened a bit in cast in recent years, it looks like at least some of the bigger names are back for its tenth anniversary. Because alongside boxing manager Rainer Gottwald (56) and “Love Island” champion Jennifer Iglesias (24), DSDS cult candidate Menderes Bağcı (37), impersonator Jörg Knör (63), Nu Pagadi singer Doreen Steinert (36) and Reality legend Micaela Schäfer (39) invited four TV veterans to the colorful community on November 18.

“Celebrity Big Brother” 2022 – These celebrities have already confirmed:

  • Micaela Shepherd: Model, candidate for “Germany’s Next Topmodel” 2006 and “Big Brother” 2010
  • Menderes Bagcic: Cult candidate for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”
  • Doreen Steinert: “Popstars” contestant, singer of Nu Pagadi and ex-girlfriend of rapper Sido (41)
  • Jörg Knor: Voice impersonator and comedian
  • Rainer Gottwald: Boxing manager and former German kickboxing champion
  • Jennifer Iglesias: Winner at “Love Island” 2022
  • Jorg Dahlmann: Former Sky football commentator

A seventh guest star joins the six names the broadcaster announced on social media using colorful trading cards. As can be seen on the Sat.1 website, former football commentator Jörg Dahlmann (63) is also entering the chaotic competition. He should be known for most of his time with Sky, which came to an abrupt end in 2021 after a few unfortunate comments. Does he do better in celebrity flat share?

“Big Brother”: A Global Recipe for Success

Like many other reality shows, “Big Brother” comes from the Netherlands. The format has been running there since 1999, allowing previously unknown participants to compete against each other in a closed community. The show’s name is based on the ‘big brother’ concept of British author George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’ – a terrible omen for anyone brave enough to step into the container.

“Who Are These People?”: Fans Are Divided On The Cast Of “Celebrity Big Brother”

After the guest list on “Celebrity Big Brother” has often met with little enthusiasm from fans in recent seasons, the reaction this year has also been rather meager. Many look forward to Menderes and Micaela Schäfer, but otherwise it’s more of a shake of the head than a cheer. “Who the hell are these people?” one Instagram viewer wonders, while another writes in disappointment, “So this is part of your critically acclaimed anniversary season? Jesus, you really don’t learn anything.”

Who else enters the house and gives in to the piercing stares of the big brother? After all, viewers already suspect that they have identified another prominent comrade in arms. Because fans think they discovered Sarah Engels (30) in a photo clip of “Celebrity Big Brother”. Used sources: SAT.1, mirror.de

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