What’s your take on the controversial space MMO?

Have you played Star Citizen yet? Or are you waiting for the release? We want to hear your opinion!

If we had a penny for every page of Star Citizen comments… well, we could probably buy the entry-level game pack from the space MMO store right now and start playing with the Alpha.

Sometimes it seems like everyone has an opinion about the biggest crowdfunding project of all time, which has already raised half a billion dollars from fans. Star Citizen not only moves the players, but also divides them often. How much, we want to clarify that once and for all with a survey of GameStar readers.

Star Citizen Time Travel: What Happened to Chris Roberts' Promises?



Star Citizen Time Travel: What Happened to Chris Roberts’ Promises?

This week we’ll be covering Star Citizen in detail, as yesterday’s Citizencon marks the anniversary of the announcement and the kick-off of the Kickstarter campaign. You can read more about this in our theme week Ā»10 years of Star CitizenĀ«, an overview of all content can be found here:

We're kicking off the big GameStar theme week


10 years Star Citizen

We’re kicking off the big GameStar theme week

What do you think of Star Citizen?

Now it’s your turn: What do you think of Star Citizen? Are you perhaps already on your way as a lender in the online universe? Or do you want to wait until the MMO is actually finished. Are you only interested in Squadron 42? Or do you think Chris Roberts’ project will never be finished? Vote now in our poll! Of course, as always, we look forward to your detailed impressions, for which we have reserved a place on the forum for you due to the expected moderation effort!

Star Citizen is still in development, but buyers have access to an alpha version. This is regularly updated and expanded, but currently only 50 players per server allowed – in individual test cases also 100. In the podcast we recently spoke with two experts from the community about the progress of the project:

Link to podcast content

Squadron 42 is the original single player campaign announced for 2014, which has been upgraded with more elaborately designed planets and more freedom to play between missions. It is designed to provide a cinematic presentation complete with in-game motion capture Hollywood actors and dozens of hours of single player fun.

We look forward to your votes and opinions, which we then process in an evaluation.

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