Werder Bremen votes after victory in Hoffenheim: “Pip one in now!”

Sinsheim – SV Werder Bremen won the Bundesliga away game at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 2-1. The voices of the game with Ole Werner, Leonardo Bittencourt, Marco Friedl and Co.!

Ole Werner (coach of SV Werder Bremen): “Obviously we can’t walk on water either. We have to work hard for everything and we also need that little bit of luck. We started the game badly and gave too many chances. We calmed down the game a bit, but we didn’t manage our possession well and made horrifying mistakes. But we also had the mental stability to stick with us and defend on the final groove, like Jens Stage at the end for example. That’s part of football too.”

Andre Breitenreiter (TSG Hoffenheim coach): “We played a really good game. I can’t blame my team. The difference is that we made one or two small mistakes. There is a penalty that the referee does not whistle and has to look outside for five minutes before it is awarded. Yes, he touches it, but he doesn’t go down until much later. For me, that wasn’t an obvious wrong decision that required intervention.”

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Werder Bremen celebrates victory against TSG Hoffenheim – the votes of the game

Marco Friedl (captain of SV Werder Bremen): “It’s a beautiful moment that we enjoy, but we also know that it doesn’t come naturally, that there is a lot of work behind it. We will regenerate well and then everyone will go into the two-day break with a grin. played the best game today but we just showed the mentality to overcome difficult phases that we definitely had today where you can easily fall behind maybe also a bit of luck we have on our side but as you can “Look, we never give up, we always try to play forward. A draw today would of course be deserved from both sides. Those are the moments when we are there, so: praise for the team.”

Leonardo Bittencourt (SV Werder Bremen player): “When you win an away game like that in the 86th minute, which has become a bit normal for us, it’s something special again. The fans have had a long journey, we gave them three points – now they can get on it “Enjoy the long drive home. The game could have gone either way, but I think we defended well and in the end you got a penalty because we just kept going. That’s our philosophy of play, our style of play, it can backfire, like that” You can lose a game, but today it went well again, we were rewarded again today.”

Werder Bremen beats TSG Hoffenheim – that’s what Mitchell Weiser says about the penalty

Mitchell Weiser (player for SV Werder Bremen): “It was already warm. It’s always a bit clear in advance when both are playing with a five-man chain and are relatively similar in positioning. You don’t come into play very well as a winger, you have to run a lot, but it’s great for us that we were able to use such a move to win in the end. The points count for us, we have our target and every three points is very important. Of course that is a nice snapshot that maybe no one thought we could take before the season , and we’ll take that with us.”

… to the penalty: “I was offended, I would say. I just checked it again, it just looks weird because it pulls my left leg away a little bit and I take another step with my right, but I lose my balance – so obviously a violation for me.”

Werder Bremen win against TSG Hoffenheim – the votes of the game

Marvin Ducksch (SV Werder Bremen player): “I’m not satisfied, we didn’t play what we planned, we have to be so self-critical. But we cleaned up everything. We knew, even after the 1-1 draw, that there would be another chance. There we have We worked towards it and then the opportunity came and we ignored it.”

Christoph Baumgartner (TSG Hoffenheim player): “It’s bitter, there’s no other way to say it. The number of shots on target shows that we were the most dangerous team for a long time. We knew Werder had quality, especially with the two strikers who are a threat in almost every situation. but I think we had that under control for a long time. I think we could have won the game.”

Oliver Baumann (goalkeeper TSG Hoffenheim): “Our game was so good you should never lose this game in your life. Honest. The disappointment is extremely big, especially our first half was brutal, really good. The second was good too, the first was better, but you can do this don’t lose the game that’s why it’s extremely bitter now we just have to finish the match better and we can’t score a second goal ok then i take it you go down here with at least a draw you are disappointed but you go down here with a draw. But it’s extremely painful right now to lose this match.”

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