Werder Bremen live commentary against Heeslinger SC: full of goals! Test match LIVE!

SV Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Heeslinger SC: All goals, news and information from the test match on Tuesday evening – today everything is live in the live ticker of the DeichStube! Current score 3:0!


70 minutes: Werder tries his luck especially on the right flank and is regularly free to cross. But these are too imprecise.

67 minutes: A look at Dikeni Salifou: The 19-year-old has done a solid job as a central defender at Werder so far.

64 minutes: Tonight there are about 2,500 spectators in the Waldstadion!

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Heeslinger SC: The U-23 players are doing well so far

61 minutes: Werder’s youth players are doing very well so far! The performance is significantly more involved than in the first round!

57 minutes: Good header from Salifou! After a corner kick, the six gets to the ball, but it flies past the goal!

56 minutes: By the way, Werder contests the second half with these eleven players: Dos Santos Haesler – Schröder, Salifou, Dietrich – Goller, Berger, Löpping, Polat, Reincke – Asante, Kim.

49 minutes: 3-0 for Werder! Polat has space on the left wing and puts it in the middle. Heeslinger’s defender slips and that’s how Jakob Löpping gets the ball, who shot him in from ten meters away!

8:01 PM: The ball rolls in the second round! Werder with an almost completely new line-up. There are also many new players at Heeslingen.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Heeslinger SC: Comfortable break guidance for the SVW

7:52 PM: Clemens Fritz with an interesting statement about Niclas Füllkrug: “Maybe he will come back as world champion!” Thoroughly optimistic, Mr. Fritz.

7:48 p.m.: And then there’s a break. Of course the lead is fine, even though Heeslinger SC played well. There is a strong substitution for the second round, only Dietrich and Goller remain on the field for the green-whites

45 minutes: Another good chance for Werder. But Ducksch fails in a one-on-one against the keeper.

43 minutes: Great combination from Werder! Ducksch and Bittencourt eventually play a very nice one-two. Marvin Ducksch hit the crossbar from nearly 16 yards. Great attack!

38 minutes: Zetterer invites the Heeslinger SC! Bad pass, but Malik Gueye can’t capitalize on the error from distance and shoots wide!

37 minutes: As soon as I say it, it gets dangerous. Bittencourt asserts himself strongly and gives up the podium. But he shoots the ball over it from a central position.

36 minutes: Not much happening right now. Werder leads comfortably 2-0, but does not bend back.

32 minutes: Heeslingen has to make a substitution due to injury. Number 21 Jan-Ove Edeling has to leave the field. Bitter for the player, because it is of course a highlight to play against a Bundesliga club. Fabio Gerke replaces the midfielder.

29 minutes: Even though Werder is leading 2-0, the outsiders are doing anything but bad and always try to get dangerous with counter-attacks.

24 minutes: The great opportunity to connect! Kevin Rehling comes from a good position in the penalty area at the end, but only hits the post! Happy Werder!

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Heeslinger SC: double strike puts SVW ahead!

22 minutes: And the next goal for Werder! Ducksch is preparing again and Dinkci overcomes the keeper in a one-on-one – 2:0!

19 minutes: TEOOR for Werder! Weder used the first chance immediately. Bremen combines well and Leo Bittencourt only has to push the ball in after Marvin Ducksch crosses.

14 minutes: Werder now comes into play better without being forced.

10 minutes: So far the Heeslinger SC makes the better impression. Poor concentration creeps in again and again at Werder.

6 minutes: The team has been fully tested for Corona and every professional on the field is negative, according to the commentator.

5 minutes: First chance for the underdog. But the long shot is no problem for Michael Zetterer!

3 minutes: First corner for Werder. Marvin Ducksch’s cross is not dangerous.

19:02: The ball rolls into the Waldstadion! Let’s go Werder!

6:59 pm: Now it should start right away! The teams are on the field.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Heeslinger SC: It’s about to start!

6:55 pm: In five minutes the ball rolls between Werder and Heeslingen. But the teams are not on the field yet.

6:48 PM: One of the most interesting personal details at Werder today is Dikeni Salifou, who is playing for the first time.

6:43 PM: In the second half, the balance of power could perhaps be adjusted a bit. In the Bremen team there are almost exclusively players from the U23 in round two. Benjamin Goller and professional newcomer Dikeni Salifou, who was introduced to the regional league after a long injury, are among the few prominent names. But more on that later.

6:38 PM: If you are even more interested in Werder’s opponents: Heeslinger SC is currently fourth in the Lower Saxony Oberliga after 15 games. The gap with leader Lupo Martini Wolfsburg is currently six points with 28 points.

6:28 pm: Incidentally, Hannes Drews is listed as coach for the green-whites, actually one of Ole Werner’s assistant coaches. It is the premiere for the 40-year-old on the sidelines of Werder.

6:26 PM: The favorite roles are of course more than clear tonight. Werder plays four leagues above Heeslingen, so it should be clear today.

6:19 PM: The most glaring failure is perhaps that of Werder coach Ole Werner. Together with his assistant coach Patrick Kohlmann, the 34-year-old signed off with a positive corona test.

Werder Bremen against Heeslinger SC in the live ticker: the lineups are here!

6:13 p.m: Werder will miss the professionals Anthony Jung, Niklas Stark and Oliver Burke, who were already ill on Monday. Christian Gross is also absent. Nicolai Rapp is out with muscle problems, while Niclas Füllkrug is in the national team, just like Milos Veljkovic, who is also preparing for the World Cup with Serbia.

6.05 pm: Werder Bremen’s line-up is already set for the second half and a lot is changing: Dos Santos Haesler – Asante, Dietrich, Berger, Löpping, Kim, Schröder, Salifou, Goller, Polat and Reinke. Here too, the tactical orientation will only crystallize during the game.

6:00 pm: Werder Bremen starts the friendly match against Heeslinger SC with this line-up: Zetterer – Dietrich, Pieper, Friedl – Goller, Stage, Buchanan – Schmidt, Bittencourt – Dinkci, Ducksch. What the line-up looks like tactically will probably only become clear at kick-off.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker vs Heeslinger SC: The kick-off at the Waldstadion is next Tuesday at 7 p.m., the live ticker starts here around 6 p.m. with the Bremen team Start setup XI. All goals, news and info from Werders test match there is against the Lower Saxon Oberliga club here living in live ticker the DeichStube.

To the preliminary report:

Borderline experience in Heeslingen: Werder Bremen completed the first test match of the World Cup break on Tuesday with a thinned staff

On Tuesday (7pm in the DeichStube live ticker) SV Werder Bremen will play a friendly match against Oberliga side Heeslinger SC. The preliminary report of the DeichStube.

Bremen – The “hostile country” is within reach, the location is almost on the dividing line to the area where most Hamburger SV fans are at home. For the SV Werder Bremen It is therefore certainly a special guest appearance on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. (im DeichStube live ticker) de test match in the forest stadium Heeslinger SC is kicked off. The actual visit to your own supporters is more important than the sporting value anyway.

Test match Werder Bremen against Heeslinger SC in the live commentary: Many players are missing in the test on Tuesday

“In general, it is for became important to get into the surrounding regions Bremen to show”, said sports director Frank Baumann in the run-up to the “Zevener Zeitung”. “But of course we already know that the area around Zeven and Heeslingen right next to the HSV area.” Baumann added with a wink: “Who knows, maybe one or the other will become a Werder fan after all.”

Some well-known players will be the spectators to test in Heeslingen must do without, however. Werder Bremen It is known that striker Niclas Füllkrug is on his way to the World Cup with the German national team, and vice-captain Milos Veljkovic and the Serbian team have also started preparations for the World Cup in Qatar (November 20 to December 18). Goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka (Czech Republic), defender Fabio Chiarodia (Italy U19) or midfielders Romano Schmid (Austria) and Ilia Gruev (Bulgaria) are still graduating friendly matches with their respective country selections.

Werder Bremen against Heeslinger SC – test match in the live ticker: the first test of the World Cup winter break

In addition, Oliver Burke, Niklas Stark and Anthony Jung as well as Nicolai Rapp were absent from training due to illness on Monday due to muscle problems. Your bets in test match against Heeslinger SC are therefore unlikely. Head coach Ole Werner planned to call up more players who have been on the bench more often recently – it is quite possible that the selection of the SV Werder Bremen is now filled by several U23 players.

Of the Heeslinger SC, who just missed the DFB Cup in the state cup final in the spring, is at home in the Oberliga Niedersachsen and is currently fourth after 15 games. The gap with leader Lupo Martini Wolfsburg is currently six points with 28 points. The gap has recently widened due to a 0:3 defeat against FT Braunschweig last weekend. The Freie Turnerschaft had never won five games in a row before. Heeslingen is in favour Werder Bremen the first test match– Opponents of the World Cup winter break. On Saturday there will be another blitz tournament against Arminia Bielefeld and Fortuna Düsseldorf in Lohne. (mbu)

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