Werder Bremen: Flick wanted to nominate Niclas Füllkrug!

Bremen – It is not known where Niclas Füllkrug heard the statements – but it is likely that he heard them. After all, the praising words explicitly referred to him and their sender – well, in view of the further annual planning of Füllkrug, it could hardly be more important: national coach Hansi Flick. After several teammates, experts and observers had publicly spoken out in recent weeks for a World Cup nomination for the Werder Bremen striker, the decision maker also intervened at the weekend. For the first time, Flick gave an estimate of Füllkrug’s chances – and that sounded more than promising for the 29-year-old.

“What he does makes sense. He has a very good run and I think he is doing very well,” the national coach said on “Sky” on Saturday night. Niclas volcano, who is currently the top scorer in the Bundesliga with eight goals in the first nine matchdays. “He brings a certain quality that we don’t have in this form,” explained Flick, confirming that the SV Werder Bremen in its current form, of course, a candidate for the 26-headed World Cup selection before revealing on Sunday at the EM 2024 qualifying groups draw: “We wanted to take Niclas to the 2016 Olympics. I was still sporting director at the time.” At the moment, Füllkrug embodies “much of what makes a centre-forward”.

National coach Hansi Flick praises Niclas Füllkrug: Werder Bremen happy with statements for World Cup nomination

They are clear quotes, almost a Flick’s hint, which were, of course, carefully noted on the Osterdeich. Just a reminder, it’s been a while since the last time a professional from Werder Bremen suddenly a problem for them German National Team was, the national coach was still called Jogi Löw. In the spring of 2019, he nominated Maximilian Eggestein for the international matches against Serbia and the Netherlands, but ultimately did not use the midfielder. About three and a half years have passed since then, showing that Hansi Flicks sentences about Niclas volcano are of great importance to Werder.

“Of course we are happy with such statements, because they show great appreciation for Niclas’ achievements and also for the work of our club,” he said. Werder Bremen Head of professional football Clemens Fritz in conversation with the DeichStube. In terms of content, there is little to add to Flick’s assessment: “I can only agree with the national coach. We do not often have the qualities that Niclas brings in Germany. He is in excellent shape.” And yet: Questions about potencies are very popular World Cup nomination Niclas Füllkrugs not on the executive floor of Bremen.

Werder Bremen with protective shield answer to the topic “Niclas Füllkrug and the national team”

“I’d like it if we didn’t have to comment on the topic every week,” says Fritz, then adds a sentence that Werder Bremen has long since become a kind of protective shield against hard-to-answer questions: “We only focus on things we can influence ourselves.” Certainly wouldn’t be particularly well received by the DFB if ​​demands were suddenly made from Bremen or even only friendly tips for action were given.

Accordingly, also says little Niclas volcano even on the subject of which he is the center of – his World Cup Odds instead, he extends the game day after game on the field. Most recently with a goal and assist in the 2-1 win at Hoffenheim. “He is always extremely dangerous and confirms week after week that he is a top striker,” Werder captain Marco Friedl told club TV after the Sinsheim game – and he certainly would have said the same had Füllkrug not been directly there during the match. interview. stood next to him. When Friedl gave way, strike partner Marvin Ducksch promptly moved to Füllkrug’s side and hugged his neighbor with a grin, allowing the duo to snap a photo of great significance. In general, it represents the currently dazzling mood Werder Bremen. And also for the almost blind relationship between the two attackers, who have been involved in 14 of Bremen’s 20 goals so far, scoring 17 points together.

Werder Bremen: Marvin Ducksch plays an important role in Niclas Füllkrug’s form – and wants to help him to the World Cup

“I’ve never played so well with a striker as I did with him,” said Niclas volcano about Ducksch, who made it clear that his neighbor also contributed to the national coach suddenly about him. “They find each other on the field, know their paths and know where the other player wants the ball to go. One thing is important for the other,” said head coach Ole Werner after the game in Hoffenheim. ‘s opening goal Werder Bremen – Ducksch auf Füllkrug, die again auf Ducksch, Tor – had given the appropriate example for the statements almost beforehand.

“Not many people in the league manage to get the ball across like that,” Ducksch enthused about the volcano, which he definitely helped. WM want to help. The man of the hour, meanwhile, put it this way: “It’s important that we both function to help the team, because nothing helps more than when strikers score goals.” That’s right. It ultimately increases the chances of wins and in the event that Niclas volcano have a positive effect, the legendary striker Rudi Völler knows. “Best arguments, um nominated Of course goals are goals, and he makes them,” emphasized the ex-professional SV Werder Bremen on Saturday night – and made a decision: “I think he has a very good chance of winning World Cup Train still jump up.” (dco)

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