Was Verstappen’s punishment justified?

12:10 pm

No stable orders at Mercedes

While other teams argued about stable orders yesterday, the two Mercedes drivers at the front were allowed to drive freely against each other. “As a team we have always stood for free racing,” recalls Toto Wolff.

“We’ve never done anything else, except when one driver has no mathematical chance of winning a title, but the other does,” the team boss said. Russell also emphasizes: “We’ve always said we can race freely.”

“Toto and the team have great confidence in Lewis and me,” he reveals, stressing that the two have always raced “respectfully” against each other throughout the year. Yesterday was no different.

11:50 am

The most important thing for Sunday…

… we have summarized it again this time in a separate photo series. The fastest way to stay up to date!

And don’t forget: this weekend you have the opportunity to judge the drivers on their performance in Brazil!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 in Brazil: Sunday’s most important thing

11:36 am

Norris: Stewards don’t understand our position

That fits with our big topic of the morning, because in connection with his own crash, Norris also criticizes the penalties in Formula 1. “There should be more drivers,” he says of the composition of the stewards.

“Nothing against the race stewards we have, but too often it feels like they don’t understand the situation in the car,” Norris said. The stewards didn’t understand what it was like to drive a car at such speeds.

His demand: “There must be more drivers who can understand what it is like to be in my position or Charles’s.”

11:17 am

Norris: Leclerc took the risk, not me

Yesterday we heard from Charles Leclerc that he thought Lando Norris was too aggressive this weekend. The McLaren driver disputes the accusation, explaining: “Charles took a risk when he wanted to overtake on the outside.”

“The first thing you learn in racing is that you usually don’t try to do it on the outside. And when you do, you have to make room,” said Norris, explaining: “We were in the fastest corner on the track.”

“He was the one who was in a risky position – not me,” he clarifies. He definitely did not want to oust Leclerc and he is sure that in his position Leclerc would have acted no differently.

“Any good driver in my position would have done exactly the same,” said Norris, who cannot understand his five-second penalty.

10:52 am

Sainz: Now I finally understand the car

The Spaniard was unable to keep up with his teammate at the start of the season. That looks different now. Most recently he beat Leclerc in qualifying three times in a row, leading the sprint in Brazil and the last two races.

“The level I’m at now is the level I should have been at the start of the season,” Sainz says, explaining: “It’s not that I suddenly got good. I just understood the car.”

It took a lot of work and he had to change a lot of things to adapt to the new car. He emphasizes: “I’m finally riding at the level I know I can do.”

It’s just a shame that the Ferrari isn’t as competitive as it was at the start of the year…

10:33 am

Schumacher before the end

Hardly any hope for Mick Schumacher: After the Swiss ‘Blick’ reported at the weekend that the German would lose his cockpit at Haas 2023, ‘Bild’ now also reports that he will be out next season.

In both cases it is reported that Nico Hulkenberg has to take over his cockpit. According to ‘Bild’, the decision should be announced on Wednesday. Since various media are now reporting on the Mick-Aus, there is hardly any doubt about it.

09:55 o’clock

Mercedes no better, but the others worse?

Lewis Hamilton himself made this point after the Silver Arrows’ first win of the season. “It feels strange because we have definitely made progress,” he said after yesterday’s double win.

“But it’s almost like the others got a little behind this weekend,” he muses, adding: “I don’t know. But the car was really great to drive all weekend – very consistent, very smooth, no major issues .”

However, he recalls that no update has been released as a car since Austin. “I think we’re starting to understand the car better,” he explains. And in fact, it probably helped that Red Bull had a bad weekend.

The police themselves cannot explain why they were so weak, especially on the medium tires.

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