Was Abu Dhabi 2021 “rigged”?

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Was Abu Dhabi 2021 “rigged”?

Formula 1 returns this weekend to the site of the controversial 2021 season finale. In a recent interview with ‘Sky’, Lewis Hamilton reiterated his claim that it was “rigged” at the time.

He had already said that on the radio during last year’s race. Helmut Marko has little understanding of this claim. “Well, I can’t understand that at all,” he says on ‘Sky’ when asked about Hamilton’s statement.

“It has been decided and the race director has decided. And just that two cars were not brought forward again would not have made any difference,” says Marko, also stressing that Mercedes “could also have changed tires”.

“But we look ahead. The World Cup has been decided,” says Marko and makes it clear: “We cannot always bring up this subject again.”

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FT1: Problem at McLaren

O’Ward had imagined it differently: he couldn’t even complete one lap because there was already a problem with the McLaren, which he had to tow back to the pits. However, this is not particularly surprising.

Because by the last race of the year, most parts of the car have reached or in some cases may have already exceeded their mileage. So it’s no surprise that something can go wrong. It’s still annoying…

Call up all current information in the live ticker session!

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Good idea!

Sebastian Vettel’s father is also in Abu Dhabi this weekend – and has brought a very special “present”. He dug out Sebastian’s first racing suit and surprised his son with it!

This will now hang in the Aston Martin box next weekend. A good idea!

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FT1: Now open the session ticker!

You can start on the track in five minutes. As always, here you will find the most important information, photos and votes during FT1. You can get the full coverage in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen.

It’s best to just run both tickers in parallel. And if you want to know how to see Formula 1 live in Abu Dhabi, you can find it here!

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special helmet

And for FT1, a quick look at another special helmet this weekend. Charles Leclerc dedicated his design to the numerous Ferrari employees. A good idea!

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For completeness: We don’t expect rain this weekend. This is not particularly surprising, but I can report from my own experience that it can actually rain in Abu Dhabi!

I was there in early 2020 and it was actually wet then. However, there is no rain this weekend, the last race of the 2022 season will take place in dry conditions.

You can find our full weather forecast here!

Photos: F1: 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Friday driver

Pietro Fittipaldi will also soon wear a special helmet. Pietro Fittipaldi? Exactly, because a total of eight Friday drivers will be in action in FT1!

They are Liam Lawson, Robert Schwarzman, Patricio O’Ward, Jack Doohan, Robert Kubica, Felipe Drugovich, Logan Sargeant and Pietro Fittipaldi.

In our big overview you will find who should sit outside!

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special helmet

Like a few other drivers, Daniel Ricciardo will be at the start this weekend with a special helmet design. Will it be his last in Formula 1? The future of the Australian is currently still open.

In any case, he will not be in the starting line-up in 2023 – just like Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher and Nicholas Latifi.

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A photo of the new McLaren underbody…

… already exists here, by the way. Now if you’re wondering why teams are still bringing updates for the last race, these are probably changes planned for 2023.

Tuesday is also the last test day of this year in Abu Dhabi. There, too, the teams will be collecting data for the coming season.

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The 20 most recent debut winners in Formula 1

This series of photos received a new entry last weekend featuring George Russell – its second this year! By the way, Giancarlo Fisichella was knocked out of the top 20 with his victory for Jordan at the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Photo gallery: The last 20 debut winners in Formula 1

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Despite being the last race of the year, Ferrari and McLaren have brought two minor upgrades! In Brazil the list was still completely empty, but here at least there are minor changes.

Both McLaren and Ferrari have each changed something on the underside and McLaren have also made adjustments to the cooling fins. The other eight teams have nothing to do with it.

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What’s next for Mick?

Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll asked that question on Thursday in their major analysis of the media in Abu Dhabi. The following topics were on the agenda for over an hour:

– That’s what Mick says after the breakup
– That’s what Steiner says after the breakup
– Questions from live chat channel members
– What’s next for Mick?
– “Monacogate”: what does Red Bull’s silence mean?
– What we know about the rumors about Binotto
– Short & compact with Kevin

Of course, they will be back in the evening with a live analysis on the Formel1.de YouTube channel. It starts at 6:00 PM!

Now Mick Schumacher & Günther Steiner Are Talking!

What Mick says about his firing, why Steiner chose Hulkenberg and how Red Bull makes everything worse with silence. More Formula 1 Videos

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Curfew broken

No, that has nothing to do with Vettel’s farewell party 😉 On the contrary, McLaren and Alfa Romeo employees worked too long in the paddock on Thursday evening. This is prohibited between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m.

No problem though, for both teams it was the first of eight allowed jokers this year. And since we are already at the last race of the season, logically there will be no more penalties.

Because in 2023 all jokers will be reset.

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Goodbye Vettel

Last night there was a small farewell party for Sebastian Vettel in Abu Dhabi. All 20 pilots were present. A beautiful thing that mainly shows how popular the German is with his colleagues!

You can find some impressions here:

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