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After we were able to tell you about the offers that started in New Zealand, we already have a taste of the offers in Germany tonight, making the last article almost obsolete. We can at least tell you which sets will be discounted, although unfortunately we do not yet know exactly how high the discount is.

LEGO has already (probably accidentally) put the list of sets discounted in Germany online, even though the specific discounts have not yet been specified. We assume most sets don’t either by 20 percent or 30 percent reduced will be. Generally upright over 80 LEGO sets on the list for Black Friday discounts in the German LEGO online shop, what significantly more sets than in New Zealand to be.

Keep in mind that: Since this list has not yet been officially advertised, details may change before midnight. So enjoy the list of LEGO Black Friday 2022 deals with some caution.

We are not sure whether the offers in the German LEGO brand stores are identical, but experience shows that the bargains online and offline do not differ much.

Incidentally, the lists for the offers in Switzerland and Austria look different. Below we concentrate on the offers that can be expected in Germany, but our readers from the German-speaking neighboring countries can browse the offers themselves here for Switzerland (🇨🇭) and here for Austria (🇦🇹).

Exclusive sets offered

Of course, the exclusive and partly exclusive sets, which are discounted from midnight on Black Friday, are especially interesting. These are, for example, the exclusive, often large D2C sets, but also smaller sets that are actually only sold directly by LEGO, or only by LEGO and a few selected dealers. Such sets are usually rarer and less heavily discounted.

Exclusive LEGO Art

Exclusive LEGO BrickHeadz and Brick Sketches

Exclusive LEGO Chinese New Year

Exclusive LEGO Creator Expert / Icons

Exclusive LEGO DC

Exclusive LEGO Disney

Exclusive LEGO Harry Potter

Exclusive LEGO Ideas

Exclusive LEGO Marvel

LEGO Mindstorms Exclusive

Exclusive LEGO Monkie Kid

LEGO Miscellaneous & Seasonal Exclusive

Exclusive LEGO Star Wars

Regular sets for sale

Of course, some regular LEGO sets will also be discounted during this year’s LEGO Black Friday. By “ordinary sets” we mean those that are sold by every LEGO retailer and that can also be found in the regular LEGO catalog, for example. However, these kits are usually cheaper at other dealers.

Of course, in some cases, the offers along with the free gifts and VIP points can still be worth it. As soon as the concrete prices are known tonight, we will of course publish a list with current price comparisons so that you can better assess the quality of the offers.

LEGO Architecture offers

LEGO Art offers

LEGO City offers

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 deals

LEGO Creator Expert / Icons Offers

LEGO DOTS offers

LEGO Friends offers

LEGO Marvel offers

LEGO Ninjago offers

LEGO Star Wars offers

LEGO Super Mario offers

LEGO Technic offers


Free gifts & VIP points

For the sake of completeness, we would like to mention here again that it is natural Various “Gift with purchase” items are given, which can be combined with the offers. During the period, the following offers are available:

  • LEGO 40564 Christmas Elf Scene
    (from 170 euros, from 25 to 28 November)
  • LEGO 40563 Tribute to LEGO House
    (from 250 euros, from 25 to 27 November)
  • LEGO 40579 Eiffel’s Apartment
    (only for the new LEGO 10307 Eiffel Tower)
  • LEGO 5007488 Brick Drawstring Bag
    (only online, from 200 euros, only on November 28)
  • LEGO 30580 Santa Polybag
    (only in Brand Stores, from November 25 to 27)

Of course, as a registered VIP customer you also collect VIP points of 5 percent of your purchase value and you can also get new and discounted rewards during Black Friday. We have collected all information about the LEGO Black Friday promotions in a separate blog post:

LEGO Black Friday 2022 promotions


Yesterday, with the VIP weekend coming to an end, LEGO confirmed the promotions and freebies for this year’s LEGO Black Friday event, announcing all the freebies and new VIP rewards for Black Friday […]

Outlook and conclusion

The LEGO Black Friday deals will appear again this year at least a little more extensive than last year to be and especially with smaller exclusive sets there will be good prices here. Among the large sets, there are certainly some attractive discounts such as the Lunar New Year Ice Cream Festival (80109) or the Lunar New Year Traditions (80108), or the large Mickey and Minnie Mouse (43197) or Harry Potter & Hermione Granger (76393) . ). Football fans can brace themselves for a good price at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (10299).

At the moment it still looks like it probably no daily changing offers there is, but we can’t really rule that out. However, for the last two years, it’s been the same offerings throughout, so we don’t expect any surprises here.

Have you seen something interesting in the list of discounted LEGO Black Friday 2022 sets that you want to order with a discount, VIP points and freebies? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments and ask any open questions!

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