Verstappen title in danger after budget overrun?

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What threatens Red Bull?

That’s the next important question. And when will that actually be decided? We have to wait a little longer for the penalty, because only yesterday it was actually established that Red Bull exceeded the budget limit. Although it was only a minor offense, the range of penalties is wide.

The rules offer six options that qualify as a minor sport penalty:
1) public reference
2) Points deduction for the Constructors’ Championship
3) Points deduction for the drivers’ championship
4) Suspension of one or more sessions of a match (excluding the match)
5) Limitation of aerodynamic or other tests
6) future reduction of the cost cap

In theory, Max Verstappen could still lose his title in 2021 – although I can’t imagine that with a minor violation.

You can read about the method here.

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Just past the top 10

Max Verstappen was only 0.010 seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc in qualifying. The session just missed the top 10 tightest qualifying results in this millennium – it would have been 11th. A thousandth of a second was missing for tenth place.

In the photo gallery we have put together the top 10 for you.

Photo Gallery: Top 10: The Tightest Formula 1 Qualifying Sessions of the Last 20 Years


Mercedes and the slap in the face

For Mercedes, the mid-season difficulties came as a “slap in the face” after they believed the car’s issues had been resolved by the upgrade in Spain.

“The bounce just dominated everything,” said Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott. “And once we got the hang of that in Barcelona, ​​we had a package there that made a significant difference. We thought, ‘We’ve got it, we’re going in the right direction’, and then we got a decent one in the next two races hit in the face”.

“You peel the next layer off the onion, if you like, and you have another problem. That was the one we roasted in the car over the winter…”

“You peel the next layer of the onion, if you want, and you have another problem. That was the one we roasted in the car over the winter.

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Formula 1 weekend column

In this context, I would like to refer again to my column I wrote yesterday on this subject and the confusion at the end of the race about Max Verstappen’s title.

It’s the usual column “Who slept the worst last night”, which I wrote this time in the absence of Christian Nimmervoll. This time it can be found on, because the good sleeper section of the world champion traditionally runs on and

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Perez: Crane incident “absolute low point”

A point of discussion over the weekend was, of course, the incident involving the recovery car parked on the track after Carlos Sainz’s accident. As a victim, it was of course Pierre Gasly who made the sharpest statements. But Sergio Perze is also very clear and says: “That was the absolute low point in recent years.”

“Under no circumstances should you see a crane on the track when the cars are gone,” he says. “You don’t really know what could happen there. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are. It just shouldn’t ever happen and I really hope this is the last time we see recovery vehicles in any category on the track while the cars Outside.”

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Verstappen almost world champion

In the real world, Max Verstappen is a two-time Formula 1 world champion, with our numbers he could become one soon. The bag is not yet closed, but the Dutchman could take the title at the next race in Austin. He currently has a 61 point lead in our World Championship – he needs a 75 point lead over Austin.

In the opinion of the editors, expert Marc Surer and you readers, he led the way in Suzuka. You can read the evaluation here.

In addition, I enclose the figures of the editors with motivation as a photo series.

Photo Gallery: Suzuka: The Editor’s Drivers’ Figures

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Ka Ching!

Good morning to our new edition of the Formula 1 live ticker. The days of important decisions are now behind us. But that doesn’t mean we’re bored here. We’ve got a few more things to do here, which we’ll be doing at this point as well.

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