Vanessa Blumhagen: There are nasty comments about these pants

Vanessa Blumhagen
She must hear a lot of criticism about her pants – and she reacts so coolly

Vanessa Blumhagen


Vanessa Blumhagen is comfortable in her own skin and likes to show it off. Why not? Her latest outfit, which she wore on Sat-1 breakfast television, sparked emotions like no other. The reason? Dents on the thighs of the 44-year-old. Read here how great Vanessa reacts to this.

Vanessa Blumhagen, 44, draws attention to herself on Sat.1 breakfast television. No wonder, the celebrity expert is a feast for the eyes and likes to dress fashionably, sometimes a little sexy. Time and again, she has to justify her outfit choice — or even put up with nasty comments about it. Same with her latest look. We asked Vanessa Blumhagen how she copes with such a headwind, whether it bothers her or even thinks “Now more than ever!”

Vanessa Blumhagen gets tons of messages with malicious comments

On Instagram, the Sat.1 celebrity expert expresses her surprise at the reactions of her viewers. Speaking to a series of photos showing her in the outfit, she said: “I wore a gorgeous suit from the amazing @fatekastrati on the show this morning. […] When I turned on my phone after the show, it was full of pictures of my thighs. Messages with malicious comments from women and men.” Vanessa also adds those photos to her message. They are screenshots from the show showing her thighs in close-up. The pants have two large slits on the sides that allow the view of the thighs releasing the 44 year old.

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Dents are hard to see on them, but she writes, “There are dents in them. Depending on how I sit, they are bigger or smaller. I know.” Yet this is by no means a reason for them to be ashamed of themselves and their bodies. On the contrary.

“People love you with all your flaws and imperfections”

Your reaction to the nasty comments? Shame. And the next moment: self-love! “Fortunately, the reflex came very quickly: wait a minute, you can’t really be serious! And the shame was gone. I don’t want to start a discussion now. Just one thing: people, love you with all your flaws and imperfections. If we If we all did a lot more, there would be fewer of these stupid comments and more happy people in the world. For that matter, Hollidrijo!” Vanessa Blumhagen ends her wonderfully sympathetic and authentic post with a red heart. And the second photo in your series of photos should express exactly what needs to be expressed: humor!

“We have completely different problems”

But how must it feel when thousands of people judge you and sometimes criticize you quite harshly. Vanessa Blumhagen tells us that after so many years in show business, she’s used to people judging her. “When you’re out in public, people always have something to complain about. But I’ve been there for so long. It’s more like this for me now: in one ear, out the other.” Where does her remarkably positive attitude towards her body come from? “I don’t even know if I have it,” admits the 44-year-old.

But there are just things I don’t want to worry about. Folks, we have completely different problems in this country and in this world right now than a woman with dents in her legs.

Vanessa Blumhagen concludes our conversation with a declaration of love to her body: “Because of my illness, Hashimoto, the weight keeps going up and down, so you learn to be gentle with your body. My body is a miracle, has me over 44 last worn a year – that helps me see past it and wipe comments away.”

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