Used car check: Audi A5 – above average

Used car check
Audi A5 – above average

With the coupé, which has been built since 2007, Audi founded the A5 model series. A convertible and a four-door coupé followed later. What does the trio offer when it arrives as a used car? The results of the main inspection are impressive.

Once upon a time there was a coupe and convertible of the Audi A4 – but the manufacturer is now attaching the A5 nameplate to the more hedonistic variants of its mid-range model range. This also distinguishes the versions from the base model in terms of name, but the A5 models benefit from their origin: at the main inspection (HU) the balance is above average, as is the case with the A4.

model history

The A5 Coupé has been built since 2007. Two years later, the A5 Cabrio followed, as well as a four-door coupé, called by Audi Sportback. The second model generation started in 2016.

body styles

The A5 is available as a second- and four-door coupé and as a convertible. If you want a sedan or a middle class station wagon from Ingolstadt, you should look at the A4.


1st generation: 4.63 to 4.72 meters x 1.85 to 1.86 meters x 1.37 to 1.39 meters (L x W x H), trunk volume: 320 liters (convertible); 455 liters (coupe); 480 liters (Sportback).

2nd generation: 4.68 to 4.78 meters x 1.84 to 1.87 meters x 1.36 to 1.39 meters (L x W x H), trunk volume: 80 liters (convertible); 465 liters (coupe); 480 liters (Sportback).


Together with the A4, the A5 undercuts many defect rates in all years, emphasizes the “Auto Bild TÜV report 2022”. Rust on the undercarriage is almost never a problem.

Axle springs and dampers, the function of foot and parking brakes, and brake lines and discs are in some cases significantly better than average. The exhaust system proves to be durable and has almost no complaints for the first five years, oil loss is very rare.

weak points

The A5 reaps greatly increased failure rates in the axle suspensions during the second HU. At the fifth inspection, the front lighting in particular stops and complaints are made about the brake hoses more often than average.

failure behavior

In view of the breakdown statistics, the ADAC writes: “The A5 is always good to very good.” The single main point of failure is the forward bent ignition coils in cars first registered in 2010.


Petrol (four- and six-cylinder, four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive): 106 kW/144 hp to 331 kW/450 hp; Diesel (four and six-cylinder, four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive): 100 kW/136 hp to 210 kW/286 hp. Since 2017, the 2.0-litre petrol engine has also been available as a G-tron for use with natural gas (CNG): 125 kW/170 hp.

market prices (according to Deutsche Automobil Treuhand’s “DAT market mirror” at each statistically expected mileage):

  • A5 Cabriolet 2.0 TFSI Basic (2019); 140 kW/190 hp (four-cylinder); 50,000 kilometers; 35,850 euros.
  • A5 Sportback 2.0 TFSI base (2018); 110 kW/150 hp (four-cylinder); 63,000 kilometers; 25,500 euros.
  • RS5 4.2 FSI Quattro (2015); 331 kW/450 hp (eight-cylinder); 101,000 kilometers; 37,750 euros.

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