US: pit bulls kill two babies

Terrible Tragedy in Tennessee (US)

Family dogs go crazy and kill two babies – mother fought for her children’s lives for ten minutes

Kirstie (left) was seriously injured in the attack and her two children were killed.


They would protect the family – instead, two family dogs cause tragedy: The pit bulls suddenly attack two-year-old Lilly Jane and her five-month-old brother Hollace Dean. The two small children die and the mother is taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. The dogs are euthanized.

US: pit bulls kill two small children

Kirstie Bennard fights for the lives of her two young children for more than ten minutes. Vain. When police arrived at the family home north of Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday, all they could say was that the two were dead.

The 30-year-old mother herself was seriously injured in the attack. Kirstie has to be taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. It’s not until the next day that the doctors can make it clear: Kirstie will make it.

After pit bull attack: “Kirstie is a fucking hero!”

Two pit bulls had attacked the two babies.  (symbol photo)

Two pit bulls had attacked the two babies. (symbol photo)

German news agency

“Kirstie is in the hospital with a countless number of injuries and bites all over her body,” Jeff Gibson, her husband’s uncle, said. “Both arms and both legs are fully connected. However, it looks like there will be no lasting damage – except a heart that will never heal.”

“Kirstie is a fucking hero! The attack lasted over 10 minutes and she never stopped trying to save the babies.” “Now we all, friends and family, have to stand side by side and show how much she is loved. I don’t know if there can be a cure for her, but I hope so.”

Tennessee: Friends ask for donations for family

Debbie Harvey, a family friend, took to GoFundMe to solicit donations for Kirstie and her husband. “You are such a wonderful and sweet family, they need a lot of prayers and support,” she wrote. “Keep praying every day that this family may endure this incredible tragedy.”

The $10,000 fundraising goal was exceeded shortly after the fundraiser was set up. By Saturday night, the family had raised more than $30,000.

US: pit bulls euthanized after deadly attack

The two pit bulls were euthanized a day after their brutal attack. It is currently unclear why the two dogs suddenly attacked the children. The local police say that the investigation into the case is still ongoing.

“Knowing the Bennards will break your heart today,” said Lauren Adams, another friend. “Hug your babies and especially love your family today. No one should experience such pain and tragedy.” (jda)

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