Uncertain future: will Austrian Airlines replace its Boeing 767 at all?

Uncertain future: will Austrian Airlines replace its Boeing 767 at all?

The Boeing 767 is the oldest long-haul aircraft of the Austrian subsidiary Lufthansa. But maybe Austrian Airlines won’t replace the three jets at all.

«The Boeing 767 can […] flying for another four to five years.” Austrian Airlines operations manager Francesco Sciortino told aeroTELEGRAPH in January. But that also means that the Lufthansa subsidiary will need replacements by 2027 at the latest for the three long-haul aircraft, which now average be 23 years old.

And at some point, the six Boeing 777-200s, which are also 22 years old, will have to be replaced. Parent company Lufthansa Group has always made it clear that Austrian Airlines must first prove that it can finance investments in new long-haul aircraft itself. The airline is further away from Corona than before.

What is the Fit for 55 impact?

First, she must fully repay the 300 million state aid granted to her during the Corona crisis. So far, she has only repaid a third of the loan. And now there are doubts about whether the Boeing 767 will be replaced at all.

As Austrian boss Annette Mann explained to Airinsight analysts, no decision will be made in the near future about replacing the Boeing 767. Because first she wants to analyze how Europe’s climate strategy will affect her airline, also known as Fit for called 55. According to Mann, there is already a “fairly small hub for long-haul flights” in Vienna.

Also political calculation

As it stands, carbon offsetting and sustainable jet fuel regulations would further penalize European airports compared to their competitors in Turkey and the Middle East. If Vienna becomes a very small hub, “investing in new long-haul aircraft may not be a wise decision,” Mann says.

Of course the concerns are justified. At the same time, they are also political calculations. You are a Swing the pole in the direction Brussels to still grant changes and exemptions to the aviation industry.

Dreamliner in pole position

Mann’s predecessor, Alexis von Hoensbroech, always emphasized “that we will eventually only operate one long-range model”. As a replacement for the Boeing 777 and possibly the 767, the Boeing 787 is in the foreground. Because AUA needs an aircraft that fits the size of its hub in Vienna. Jets with far more than 300 seats are excluded.

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