Twitch Streamer Yells And Begs Viewers For Money – People Think It’s Stupid But It Works Great

Twitch streamer SHiFT is known for speed runs in games. In his streams, he often emphasizes how important it is that his viewers support him financially with subs. By using certain mechanics and techniques, such as subathons with combos and timers, he increases the influx of money. A clip of such an incident is hotly debated, but apparently the method works.

Who is this?

  • YouTuber and Twitch streamer SHiFT has been on Twitch since 2014. He has about 100,000 followers – when he streams, an average of 370 people watch him.
  • His favorite game is Spongebob Square Pants. Battle For Bikini Bottom”, where he is also active as a speedrunner.
  • Despite having relatively few viewers, SHiFT ranks 18th on the platform in the subs category. With 26,338 subscriptions, he is just behind German Twitch streamers like MontanaBlack (15) or ELoTRiX (16).

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Continuous stream as subathon heats the income

This clip has now gone viral: A Twitch clip from SHiFT has now gone viral. He played Family Guy there. He was just in a so-called “subathon”: this form of stream made Ludwig popular, the streamer is in the air with a timer. When the timer expires, the stream ends, but the paid viewers’ subscribers extend the stream.

SHiFT’s Subathon has lasted more than 1,488 hours.

A “sub” costs $4.99 a month in the US – less in Germany. The streamer himself gets about half, the rest goes to Twitch. Subs are monthly subscriptions, so they need to be constantly renewed. Amazon Prime customers get one subscription per month, which they can assign for free.

The complex rules and special rules of the subathon are explained on its screen:

  • If players donate a sub, the stream will be extended by 1 minute and 30 seconds
  • However, if a round number of subs are reached within a given timer, then an extra sub is worth 2 minutes
  • And at some point the timer runs out

Twitch is an important element of Twitch to make money:

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In the clip, which was later criticized, the streamer himself sounds like a fishmonger trying to sell his wares to the public:

“It’s 5 subs. 5 subs then we have 50.50 at the 2 minute multiplier. We need 5 subs. 5 subs in about a minute. We’ve got a minute now, guys.”

But then the tone suddenly changes. Apparently someone dared to write in his chat that he was begging for money. The streamer is angry:

“Do you think this is begging? I’ll tell you how to save money! If I wanted to make more money I’d drop you guys the combo and then I’d get the 50 if it’s only worth a minute and then more subs – you have to understand how math works, okay?There’s no arguing with math. […] That’s just crazy. Stop begging… I beg you to save money. For heaven’s sake. So stupid, just ban this guy. If your IQ is that low, you shouldn’t be chatting.”

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What’s exciting about that?? Within the cosmos of this Subathons stream, the method of constantly asking for subs and pushing made-up combos and time limits really seems to work.

SHiFT has proportionally far more subs than the viewers deserve:

  • SHiFT has 393 viewers and 283,497 hours of viewing, with 26,338 subscribers, according to Twitchtracker
  • Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv has 22,095 viewers (56x more) and 3.65 million watch hours (13x more) with almost the same number of subscribers

Meanwhile, SHiFT was even higher. On September 18, he rejoiced with 30,000 SUBS on Twitter:

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Apparently, viewers let a streamer get away with anything if they follow their inner logic to keep the stream going at all costs.

It is important to note that “Subs” is not a clear value like other Twitch stats.

Subs are based on information that sites retrieve and evaluate from the streamers themselves.

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Streamer brings viewers into his boat as Stockholm syndrome

That’s how it’s discussed: The clip is discussed on Livestream-Fails. Many wonder why anyone would watch a streamer behaving like this:

  • 24/7 he’s asking for subs. I see so many comments in the chat from people saying, ‘This is all I can afford. I swear” – as if people were afraid to stop subscribing.
  • “I had 300,000 points in the channel for the Scamathon. I really liked the guy. But he’s been begging for 2 months and abusing the chat. He says nonsense like “The night vision goggles are so selfish, wait for the day shift you guys”
  • “I would equate the feeling of seeing that with the situation: when you’re at a friend’s house and he starts fighting with his mother.”

It almost seems like the streamer has a strange Stockholm syndrome with his chat:

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