Trump speaks of ‘fake news’: US Senate candidate would have paid for ex-girlfriend to have an abortion

Trump speaks of ‘fake news’
US Senate candidate charged with paying for abortion ex-girlfriend

Former soccer star Herschel Walker is without exception considered a strict opponent of abortion. A report gets him in trouble shortly before the congressional elections: the Republican allegedly pressured a former lover to break up and pay for it. The woman provides evidence.

Republican anti-abortion Senate candidate Herschel Walker has come under pressure over a report that he once paid for a friend to have an abortion. The former American football star – a supporter of ex-President Donald Trump – dismissed The Daily Beast’s report as a lie and announced a lawsuit. Trump said Tuesday that Walker had been the victim of “defamation” by President Joe Biden’s “fake news media” and Democrats.

Walker is running in November’s congressional elections and is running for a seat in the US Senate in southern Georgia. The race against current Democratic Party Senator Raphael Warnock is considered one of the closest Senate races in the country — and could decide whether the Democrats can defend their current wafer-thin majority in Congress or lose it to Republicans.

Walker has an outspoken conservative agenda and is against abortion rights. “The Daily Beast” reports that the 60-year-old paid for an abortion for his then-girlfriend in 2009. The woman showed a bill for the abortion and a photo of a $700 check that Walker allegedly sent her five days after the abortion, along with a get well card. Walker at the time urged her to have the abortion, the unnamed woman said.

Walker’s son attacks him sharply

The former top athlete rejected the report in the conservative news channel Fox News. “I never paid for an abortion, that’s a lie.” He also never pressured anyone to have an abortion. When asked about the check, the candidate said, “I send money to a lot of people.” Walker caused quite a stir during the election campaign. There were, among other things, allegations of domestic violence against him. He also allegedly inflated his resume. The political newcomer also had to admit that he has three illegitimate children.

His son Christian reacted to the latest media report about the abortion with sharp attacks on his father. In an online video, he accused him of making the family a “mockery”. ‘You’re not a family man. Every member of Herschel Walker’s family has asked him not to run because we all knew his past.’ However, Walker decided to show his family the “middle finger”.

Walker’s side, on the other hand, was ex-President Trump, who played a key role in the former football star’s candidacy. “They are trying to destroy a man who has real greatness in his future,” he explained. Trump urged voters in Georgia to vote for Walker in November.

Abortion rights are one of the most controversial socio-political issues in the United States. The country’s Supreme Court caused a political earthquake in June when it overturned the country’s fundamental right to abortion, which had been enshrined for nearly 50 years. Many conservative voters are firmly against abortion.

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