Trump candidate slams Arizona election officials

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A photo from happier times: Kari Lake with Donald Trump before her defeat at the Midterms. ©IMAGO/Christopher Brown

Kari Lake is defeated by her Democratic competitor in the meantime. Trump’s confidante does not want to accept that.

Update from November 15, 2022, 10:24 AM: Kari Lake lost her midterm elections. Despite Donald Trump’s support, the former TV host will not become Arizona’s next governor. Even though not all votes have been counted in the state, according to various American media, it is clear: Katie Hobbs has won the race.

But Kari Lake wouldn’t be Donald Trump’s nominee if she simply accepted an election defeat. She wrote via Twitter to her fans and anyone who wanted to hear it: “Arizonas know BS when they see it”. (Arizons know bullshit when they see it). But instead of supporting her compatriots, Lake mostly heard malice. It was “the best concession speech ever,” one Twitter user wrote.

Kari Lake at the Midterms: “I will win 100 percent”

First report: Phoenix – Kari Lake leaves no doubt about her victory. “I will win 100 percent,” the 53-year-old said Thursday (Nov. 10) in an interview with the TV channel Fox news. “I am 100 percent convinced that I will be the next governor of Arizona.”

However, a look at the current numbers shows that Lake is behind her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs. The head of the local election commission, Bill Gates, contradicted CNN assumes that the results will be available on 14 November at the earliest. Late Sunday night (November 13), 93 percent of the votes had been counted.

Midterms: Who Will Be Governor of Arizona?

Kari Lake (R) Katie Hobbs (D)
49.6% 50.4%

(Source: CNN)

Midterms: Kari Lake casts doubt on the outcome of the Arizona election

Of course, the delay in reporting results in Arizona due to problems with the voting machines in the populous Maricopa County Lake constituency fits well, in typical Trump fashion. Already on the night of the election, she had really pulled the plug and said that the election officials in Arizona were nothing but “crooks, crooks, incompetents and propagandists.” In the days following the election, Lake made the rounds of the right-wing media, naming those responsible downright like “idiots”.

“We’re going to win this,” she finally announced defiantly on “The Charlie Kirk Show,” before telling the Democrats who’s in charge in Arizona: “And they can’t help it.” rival responded accordingly: “This election will be determined by the voters, not the volume at which a confused ex-TV journalist can shout conspiracy theories”, wrote Katie Hobbs on Twitter.

Midterms in the US: Kari Lake is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump

Kari Lake, who was a presenter for ten years Fox 10 News in Phoenix is ​​an ardent supporter of Donald Trump. She campaigns against the right to abortion, wants to complete the wall to Mexico announced by Trump and ban education on gender issues in primary schools. It should come as no surprise that she accuses Democrats in general of having a “demonic agenda.”

Most importantly, she is also among those supporting Trump’s baseless claims that Joe Biden “stole” the 2020 presidential election through massive voter fraud. With Trump’s help, she is now a rising star among Republicans. Insiders have already speculated that she could become Trump’s vice presidential nominee in 2024. “You can call me Trump in a dress any day,” she said at a pre-midterms meeting, espousing comparisons to the former president.

But maybe Lake’s post-midterm enthusiasm is to her detriment. After all, after the relatively poor results, Trump is apparently no longer the undisputed ruler among the Republicans, who are just beginning to tear themselves apart. Many blame Trump for their defeat, and even close allies are turning their backs on him. And what if Lake actually loses the election in Arizona? Then their meteoric rise could end abruptly. (Christian sturgeon)

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