Triggid of DHDL in the Test: What Can the Muscle Button Do?

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Trigid in the test: the button against tense muscles is so suitable for everyday use

In combination with the kinesio tape, the Triggid trigger button should help relieve muscle tension. The star tested the tool with a physiotherapist.

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There are cones, sticks, rollers, balls, pistols and kinesio tape. Half a dozen trigger tools designed to loosen tense muscles and relieve pain. Now a small button should make it big too. Of the star tested Triggid from “The Lion’s Den” with a physical therapist.

With a small button and a roll of kinesio tape, two physiotherapists and an industrial designer want to help as many people as possible to get a painful everyday problem under control. Tense and hardened muscles are best loosened and made flexible with a massage. But there is often not enough time for that. Massage tools such as foam rollers or balls are a good alternative to use at home. But it also requires discipline and willpower, because the massage ball does not roll over the painful calf by itself. Jan Winter and Bastian Hehner are professionals and know that these barriers are too high for many people. So they worked on a trigger tool for everyday use and developed it trigid, the trigger button. (An announcement: The product was renamed “TRIGGin” after the Vox show “Die Höhle der Löwen” on October 10, 2022). The small button weighs just a few grams and is designed to work on painful trigger points for up to 24 hours – while shopping, in the office or during exercise. In combination with classic kinesio tape, even laymen should be able to use Triggid without any problems. Sounds a little too good to be true? We thought so too. And put Triggid to a field test.

First impression

Trigid comes in a small collapsible box. Even laymen can see at first glance that this is a medical product “Made in Germany”. Because that’s exactly what it says prominently on the top of the packaging. On the back you can read briefly and concisely how trigid works and what you can expect from the little button. Inside we find a roll of kinesio tape (in our set of 2 in blue and pink), ten-page instructions in practical DIN A6 format and the heart: the trigger button. It consists of two parts and has approximately the diameter of a 1 euro coin. The lower orange part is made of flexible plastic (ABS and TPE) and looks a bit like a mini spinning top. It tapers to a point in the center like a cone. A small pin protrudes from the white hard plastic counterpart, so that the two parts can easily be connected together like a push button.

The test

Experienced physiotherapist and endurance athlete Kristina Jago has taken a close look at Triggid and conscientiously glued it together. She also appreciated the instructions. With the exception of one point, even a layman in this field is guided through the correct application. The tape is easy to cut to the correct length. To integrate the trigger button into the kinesio tape, it must be folded in the middle and cut slightly at the fold. The trigger button will be inserted into this hole later. This also worked as described in our test. Unsurprisingly, our expert had no trouble locating the ominous trigger points. The knot-tape combination was professionally applied to the cervical spine as well as to the elbow, shoulder and shin and was worn for a long time.

Triggid from DHDL: The trigger button with kinesio tape placed on the shinbone

On the shin, the Triggid trigger button does exactly what it’s supposed to do, which is to exert a permanent mechanical stimulus. Sometimes it exceeds the mark, as our test showed.

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We found that apart from the shin, you need help on all other parts of the body to properly attach Triggid. This is also the only weakness of the instructions. It does not state that the tape must be applied under full tension to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately, this important information can only be found on the website And even with the help of a partner, Triggid is not a guaranteed success. Because especially in men, the body hair on the legs and neck prevents the kinesio tape from staying permanently and tight. Right now, only one thing helps: shaving. We found it really convincing trigid on the shin and elbow. Here, the button can be placed close to the bone, which our expert found important to exert lasting stimuli on the trigger points in everyday life. Here she even forgot for a moment that Triggid was glued to her shin and pressed the tip of the knot into her bone as she sat down. The result: a small bruise. In this context, we wondered why the trigger button wasn’t designed a bit flatter. Other tools that treat trigger points work with less sharp pressure points.

In the neck, Triggid failed in our test, regardless of hair and tension on the tape. Too small, too sharp and not long enough, says the physiotherapist. From her point of view, the popular fascia ball is better suited to work on the tension at the moment.

The conclusion

“The idea is good,” says physiotherapist Jago, who Trigid trigger button viewed through a professional lens, but also himself in the role of a layman. And here, Triggid scored especially with its simple and easy-to-understand instructions. If you need more information, the website is even better. A good addition to kinesio tape is the mini trigger point tool from our point of view on the shins and elbows. Here, the button actually increases the effect of kinesio tape. However, in many other places, the knot-tape combination doesn’t hold up as it should. You have to shave here. It is not clear to us why the button on the orange bottom is so pointed that it can pierce the skin painfully when moved. In practice, it also turned out that Triggid can only be placed and glued on the shin bone itself. For all other pain points, help is mandatory with gluing and securing.

Two other points should not be left unmentioned on this point. Trigid is reusable. That’s true so far. Unfortunately, the glue on the tape is quite stubborn and can only be removed from the trigger button with a little fiddling and patience. What should also be considered in this regard: Depending on how often Triggid is used, sooner or later the tape will run out and have to be bought later.

To grow with their bud, the three entrepreneurs from Hanau need a sporting capital of 120,000 euros. In return, Jan Winter, Bastian Hehner and Lars Meyer offer the five investors a manageable ten percent of their start-up in the current episode of “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Whether they hit the nerves of the lions against tense muscles with their mini-tool or whether they have to suffer a painful defeat at Williams, Dümmel & Co you can hear this evening on Vox from 20:15 hrs.

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