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The currency pair could now rise back to the 200 EMA area and then bounce back down to the 10 EMA. Should there be another downward move, EUR/USD would also be expected to break below the 10-EMA on the daily chart. In this case, another short signal would appear and EUR/USD would face a possible further pullback to the $1.00 mark. There is a short possibility on EUR/USD.

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Trade idea: EUR/USD


Traders may be speculating on a bounce on the 200 EMA. It offers a short position with a Best Unlimited Turbo (VK3W3B) to UBS. The target price is in the $1,000 range. Stop could be placed at $1,050 above all-time high.

Trade idea: EUR/USD
child EUR/USD (ISIN: EU0009652759)
product types Best Unlimited Turbo Warranty
publisher UBS
ISIN/WKN leveraged product DE000UK3W3B4 / UK3W3B
Duration open end
Price Knockout Put (date) €2.00/€2.01 (23.11.2022, 1:50 PM)
Variable base price $1,0529
knockout threshold $1,0529
lever 50.17
Distance to knockout 1.98%
Stop Loss Put €0.29
target set €5.31 (+160.00%)

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