Toni Kroos surprises with prognosis for national champions Bundesliga

Ex-Bayern player Toni Kroos has been playing for Real Madrid since 2014. Image: / imago-images

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The current 2022/2023 season is interrupted this year by a special event: the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. There is only a one-week break between the last game in the Bundesliga and the opening game of the World Cup. The usual lead time of about four weeks between the matches of the current season and the World Cup will therefore not exist.

Speculation has been going on for weeks as to who will be nominated for the German national team. For some players it should already be clear, others are still being discussed. Toni Kroos no longer participates in the speculation: he resigned from the national team in 2021 after the European Championship. This will be the first major tournament since 2008 that he will see only as a spectator.

In his podcast “Einfach mal Luppen”, which Kroos publishes together with his brother Felix, the two speculate in the current episode about the much-discussed appointment of Werder striker Niclas Füllkrug, who according to national coach Hansi Flick “is going well”.

Niclas Füllkrug (l.) fails in the Bundesliga match against Bochum against goalkeeper Manuel Riemann (r.).

Niclas Füllkrug (l.) fails in the Bundesliga match against Bochum against goalkeeper Manuel Riemann (r.).Image: dpa / David Indian song

Toni Kroos reacts to World Cup speculation about Niclas Füllkrug

The 29-year-old was only praised by Flick on Saturday shortly before the Dortmund classic against Bayern. “What he does makes sense. It runs very well and is doing very wellthere may also be elements that we don’t have in this form,” Flick said for the top game on Sky.

Flick has so far left open whether he will be part of the national team for the World Cup, and Füllkrug himself has not commented on that yet. In Toni and Felix Kroos’ podcast, Füllkrug also remained silent when asked about the speculation about him at the World Cup. One thing is clear to Toni Kroos: “He should be a problem.”

Bundesliga could have surprise champions ready

While some are heading to the World Cup in Qatar in November, some other players are on holiday and preparing for the next games of the season for a few weeks in December. The Bundesliga will start again with the 16th match day on January 20, 2023. Toni Kroos has a clear favorite for the championship title.

The Bundesliga leader has a surprise in store in recent games: Union Berlin is in first place, but it is tighter there than for a long time. Felix Kroos assesses the match interruption due to the World Cup as follows: “Bayern may not be the team that handles this special situation best this season.” He doesn’t see a team “marching up front” at the moment. A few weeks ago, he was clearly betting on the record champions, but now he’s looking a little scarier.

“If anyone can do that for a while, it’s Union.”

Ex-national player Toni Kroos

Kroos sees Union Berlin for Dortmund

For Felix Kroos it is possible that Union Berlin or Freiburg will remain at the top of the ranking until the end of the season. Dortmund, on the other hand, is not currently a champion candidate for him.

Toni Kroos sees it that way too. He, too, would most likely trust that the Berliners would be involved to the very end: “If anyone can do that for a while, it’s Union.” In addition, the current frontrunners are already playing “beyond expectations” and therefore do not see themselves under pressure to “stay at the top”, sums up the real star.

Paul Jaeckel (r.) of Union Berlin cheers after his goal to 0:1 with Jamie Leweling (l.).

Paul Jaeckel (r.) of Union Berlin cheers after his goal to 0:1 with Jamie Leweling (l.).Image: dpa / Tom Weller

Still, Toni Kroos agrees with his brother that Bayern will eventually become champions. In his opinion, this could only be reversed by a team that had so far benefited from Munich’s mixed season and now had a 10-point lead. “The team is not there at the moment.” From the end of April, Bayern has “a relatively clear lead” in the table again, summarizes Toni Kroos.

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