Tom Brady speaks out after controversial call to rough up passer-by

Munich – Is Tom Brady preferred by the NFL umpires?

Fans who think so were given new food in week five after the seven-time Super Bowl champion received a flattering call to graze the passerby that prompted a belated comeback by the Atlanta Falcons.

Referee Jerome Boger explained his decision to reporters after the game: “What I had was the defender grabbed the quarterback while he was still in the bag and threw him to the ground unnecessarily. That’s what I based my decision on.”

His decision had nothing to do with the fact that Tua Tagovailoa had recently suffered a severe concussion from a similar act. That’s what Todd Bowles, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, suspected after the game.

Tristan Wirfs jokes about Tom Brady’s age

Brady’s teammate Tristan Wirfs joked after the game that his quarterback’s age was the reason why he would sometimes be “favoured” in controversial situations: “He’s 45. I think because he is who he is, Tom gets these calls more often.” than others.” Brady shrugged when asked about the decision, saying, “I don’t throw flags.”

Now in the podcast “Let’s Go” the GOAT reacted with some distance, but initially showed the same reaction as immediately after the game. “Like I said, I don’t throw flags. What I throw are tablets,” Brady said jokingly. But above all, the quarterback wanted to praise his opponent Grady Jarrett: “It was a long, unwanted hug. He was in the backfield almost the entire time and played an excellent game.” Brady wanted to leave it at that.

Grady Jarrett frustrated after phone call

By the way, Jarrett himself did not comment on the controversial scene after the game, but spoke on the radio on Tuesday about “680 The Fan”: “The play took away our chance of winning the game.” The defensive tackle is frustrated because he just played by the rules. “If you do it right, you shouldn’t be punished for it,” Jarrett told the Falcons website.

His head coach Arthur Smith criticized the umpires after the game, diplomatically saying: “I won’t get involved in a discussion. I haven’t seen the scene again. Lorenzo Carter, the Atlanta outside linebacker, was safer there: “It looked like football to me. It was like football. We just played aggressively.”

More controversial decisions

The Atlanta Falcons weren’t the only team to make a contentious decision against them in week five. The New England Patriots, in the person of Mack Wilson, were also penalized for a “passerby” offense that caused controversy. However, the whistle in the 29-0 win against the Detroit Lions had no real influence on the final score.

There was also a questionable call from the umpires between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs. Late in the second quarter, a strip sack by Chiefs tackle Chris Jones against Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was not recognized as such. The reason: The defensive lineman would have landed on the playmaker with his entire body weight.

However, the video analysis revealed a different picture. Jones had knocked the ball out of Carr’s hand and caught it. When he landed on the ground, he even used his left arm to protect himself. Consistent US media outlets are now reporting that the NFL will discuss the interpretation of the rules after the controversial appeals — but no change is expected.

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