Tier 4 users also get preferential treatment from local support

In recent days, the fact that PlayStation Stars level 4 users receive preferential treatment from Japanese customer service has been the subject of much criticism. As has since been confirmed, this controversial “bonus” is also offered in the Western version of PlayStation Stars.

With PlayStation Stars, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a new loyalty program over the summer, which launched in Japan last month.

While the program itself received fairly positive reception from the PlayStation community, a “bonus” was quickly criticized. According to this information, PlayStation Stars users who have reached the highest level with Level 4 will receive preferential treatment from PlayStation Official Customer Support.

The catch is that if things stand now, reaching level 4 will require you to purchase four full-priced titles on PlayStation Network and collect 128 rare trophies. After that, Level 4 will remain active until the end of the year and for another 13 months.

Community criticism was ignored

In particular, the fact that there are also players who mainly play long-lived multiplayer titles or who only buy games at discount prices due to a small budget and are therefore left out of consideration has been criticized by the community. Anyone who hoped that those responsible at Sony Interactive Entertainment would take the criticism after the Japanese launch of PlayStation Stars to heart will be disappointed for the time being.

According to an official FAQ regarding the launch of PlayStation Stars in the West, PlayStation Priority Customer Service is one of the benefits granted to users who have reached PlayStation Stars Tier 4, including in Europe and North America.

We can safely assume that this decision will also generate a lot of conversation and discussion in the West, as the majority of gamers, for understandable reasons, take the position that all customers should be treated equally by the service. No matter how many games they buy and at what price.

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PlayStation Stars will launch in Europe and North America on October 13, 2022.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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