This is what the British singer looks like today

In the 1960s, Petula Clark became a world star. More than half a century later, the Briton is still active.

She danced with Fred Astaire, shared the singing booth with Harry Belafonte and put an intrusively flirtatious Elvis Presley in his place: Petula Clark was already on stage at the age of eleven and later reached the top of the charts in many countries with her evergreen. “. . Today the singer, who was appointed Commander of the British Empire by the British Queen Elizabeth II in 1998, celebrates her 90th birthday.

Petula Clark: The singer is 90 years old. (Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Born in Epson, UK, Petula Clark was just 18 when she landed her first record deal and debut single Where Did My Snowman Go. From then on, her songs regularly entered the charts. Long before her world hit “Downtown”, Petula Clark had numerous international successes.

“It’s a very important song to me”

The multilingual singing all-rounder from the south of England found many fans not only in England, France and Germany, but also in faraway America, where their 1965 hit “Downtown” was played up and down. “It’s a very important song to me. People often ask me if I’m tired of singing it over and over. No, not at all, it’s a damn good song. If I had to sing a stupid song night after night , then something would be different,” Petula Clark revealed to Deutschlandfunk.

In recent decades, Clark has not only sung songs from all genres (she charted a total of 159 songs and received two “Grammy” awards), but was also successful as an actress. For example, Petula Clark appeared alongside Fred Astaire in The Golden Rainbow and alongside Peter O’Toole in Goodbye, Mister Chips!.

In the 1990s, she starred in musicals. She made her Broadway debut in New York in 1993 with Blood Brothers. Two years later she was on stage in London for the musical “Sunset Boulevard”.

‘She feared a huge scandal’

Petula Clark knew and met almost all the big stars of her time. A certain – then unknown – Jimmy Page, later electric guitarist and producer of the British rock band Led Zeppelin, played guitar for the “Downtown” sessions. She later guest-starred in the video recording for the song “Give Peace A Chance” alongside Yoko Ono and John Lennon. And she was the first white celebrity to touch a black person on a TV show in the 1960s (Harry Belafonte): “I couldn’t find anything wrong with touching his arm. But yes, it was the civil rights era. The sponsor of The show went through the roof and feared a huge scandal if it aired,” the singer recalled.

To date, Clark is involved in several show projects. In July 2017, her latest studio album – “Living Fot Today” – was released.

In 2017, Petula Clark recorded her last album.
In 2017, Petula Clark recorded her last album. (Source:

Just two years ago she played the “Bird Woman” in the London theater musical “Mary Poppins”. When she is not busy with a project, the actress and singer, who lives in Geneva or London, likes to spend time with her sister Barbara or their three children Catherine, Patrick and Barbara.

From time to time she shares old and new memories with her fans and followers on social networks. You will probably hear from the Golden Globe winner (“Der goldene Regenbogen”) in the future: “I never made a plan for success. Everything happened very organically. I just work really hard when I work. But I also enjoy the time of rest and just relaxing in the garden.”

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