This is how the OFC beats FC-Astoria Walldorf

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From: Jorg Mol, Sascha Meer, Christian Duncher


Kickers Offenbach meets FC-Astoria Walldorf. © IMAGO/Roland Sippel – Eibner press photo

FC Astoria Walldorf remains a welcome guest on the Bieberer Berg. In the eighth home game against this opponent in the Regionalliga Südwest, Kickers Offenbach took the eighth victory. In the end it was 3:0 (0:0) for the OFC. Our live ticker to read.

Kickers Offenbach – FC Astoria Walldorf 3:0 (0:0)
1-0 Zieleniecki (62′), 2-0 Lemmer (82′), 3-0 Garcia (90′)
Zieliecki (3), Albrecht (1) / Hauk

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+++ Final whistle

90 minutes: GOOOOAAAAL – and still the 3:0. Lemmer is strong on the right and passes in from the baseline, where Bozic just missed at first. But Garcia dusts off and celebrates the goal with the cheers: ball under the jersey

89 minutes: Double substitution at OFC: Saric and Bozic replace Hosiner and Hermes

89 minutes: Now it’s magic. Jopek launches an attack with the hoe, after which Lemmer shoots just past the far post.

87 minutes: Double substitution in Walldorf: Erbe and Becker replace Goss and Crosthwaite

86 minutes: In the eighth home game against Walldorf, the OFC is heading for their eighth victory.

82 minutes: GOOOOOO – that must have been the decision. Hermes sends Breitenbach to the right, who fits in the middle with a lot of overview, where Lemmer technically takes the ball and executes from five meters – 2:0.

80 minutes: Change trains in Walldorf: Onos replaces Waack

79 minutes: The game continues – and Garcia gets involved again.

78 minutes: The game is interrupted. Substitute Garcia needs treatment. He is now standing again.

77 minutes: Yellow card for OFC: Albrecht gets in a bit impetuously and is warned.

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75 minutes: Hosiner again and again. Again he follows strongly, captures the ball and puts Garcia in the spotlight on the left. But he acts hesitantly. Instead of shooting, he tries a cross, which is clarified.

73 minutes: Double substitution in Walldorf: Kruger and Gibs replace Calhanoglu and Politakis

72 minutes: Ninth corner for the OFC – and it gets dangerous again. Walldorf can’t really clarify this time. Jopek pulls from the edge of the penalty area. The blocked ball just goes over it. The tenth corner brings nothing.

70 minutes: Substitution at OFC: Derflinger, complaining of cramps, leaves the field. Garcia replaces him

69 minutes: Almost the 2:0. Lemmer marches to the left and then docks with Hosiner. With a body trick he lets his opponent get out and pulls from 17 meters. Idjakovic raises his fists and parries.

67 minutes: Walldorf now logically increases the pressure and intervenes much earlier and more deeply.

63 minutes: Double substitution at OFC: Albrecht and Lemmer replace Vetter and Wanner

62 minutes: GOOOOOO – the seventh turn brings the lead, but through detours. The ball is actually too long. Hosiner follows closely again and plays to the left. Cross by Jopek and in the middle Zieliecki heads undisputed – 1:0

59 minutes: After FC Astoria’s deflection in their own half, the enthusiastic Hosiner followed the ball and after a one-two Breitenbach ran the ball just before the zero line, but could not bring it in sharp enough.

56 minutes: Kickers lost possession in their own half. Walldorf doesn’t play well, though. After a cross to the penalty area, an Astoria player tries from a distance: the ball ends up in the safety net.

55 minutes: Sixth corner for OFC, won by Hermes. And again the ball lands on the nearest post, where Walldorf clears. But the kickers follow. Wanner gets the ball at the five, but is under pressure and cannot put the ball dangerously on goal.

54 minutes: The OFC continues to struggle to come to a close. Now Vetter tries it in his typical way. He puts the ball in front of him and follows, but is blocked reasonably well in the 16.

51 minutes: Now a free kick for Walldorf and immediately it becomes dangerous. Ultimately, it is Hosiner who clarifies it.

49 minutes: Yellow card for Walldorf: Hauk makes a mistake on Wanner and gets a warning. The free kick causes confusion, but the visitors manage to clear it.

47 minutes: And then it suddenly becomes dangerous for the OFC target. David Richter builds up for Crosthwaite – and the agile attacker fails.

46 minutes: The ball rolls again.

8:01 PM: The men are back on the field. At first glance: both unchanged.

45 minutes: Break in Offenbach. A hard battle in which the OFC is clearly dominant, but rarely really dangerous against stable Walldorfer.

44 minutes: Jopek’s corner was nothing, but his idea from the free kick seconds later was original. Quickly executed to Hosiner, who also gets the shot. But first, the ball is over, second, Hosiner was offside.

43 minutes: Marcos takes the fifth corner. The OFC is clearly at the forefront in this discipline: 5:0.

41 minutes: The ball lands dangerously on goal, but Breitenbach heads it out rather than in it. Seconds later, Wanner comes to the left at high speed, Derflinger thinks, but the pass is too sharp. Derflinger he slides over the foot. Missed the opportunity.

39 minutes: The OFC struggles – and gets the next free kick after a foul on Derflinger.

36 minutes: Free kick by Jopek, but Walldorf cleared it. It remains a game of patience.

32 minutes: Marcos has not scored in 102 competitive games. Even today it is clear why this is so. He comes free at the ball 20 meters from the goal, but he prefers to take the ball – and then plays a ball into the opponent’s feet. Seconds later, Wanner Hermes chips, but is blocked.

29 minutes: Inaccuracies creep in. Marcos’s ball does not arrive, Walldorf switches quickly. In midfield, OFC captain Sebastian Zieliecki resorts to a tactical error and sees a yellow card.

27 minutes: Fourth corner for the Kickers – but hey, it won’t be dangerous. On the contrary. Crosthwaite runs but is caught by Derflinger.

26 minutes: And there’s Walldorf’s first chance. After losing the ball OFC it goes fast. Crosthwait is eventually free in the penalty area, but his shot is very central. No problem for Kickers goalkeeper David Richter.

24th minute: it really has to be 1-0. Derflinger brings in the free kick dangerously – Zieliecki is clear but can’t get close, Wanner and Hosiner miss next to him.

23 minutes: Hosiner, very agile, gets a free kick on the right flank and is fouled when attempting to pass the opponent.

22 minutes: Marcos pulls a volley – but clearly over it.

20 minutes: Another good try, but in the end the pass from Hermes to Breitenbach on the right doesn’t work. Clarify the Walldorfer.

19 minutes: Jopek kicks the corners from the left today, but that wasn’t really necessary now.

18 minutes: The OFC tries again via the agile Wanner, who gets the third corner after a pass from Hosiner.

16 minutes: Walldorf tries very carefully in the direction of the OFC penalty area, but the Kickers have no trouble clearing it. Then Marcos sprints away – used by Wanner, but his cross from a full sprint comes too close to the goal.

14 minutes: The OFC presses, Wanner sees Hermes, but he can’t get to the center.

13 minutes: The OFC gets the second corner in the person of Wanner. Hosiner had sent him just fine.

10 minutes: The OFC fans sing “Ole ole” on a loop, and on the field the players have possession of the ball on a loop.

8 minutes: The guests are currently still limited in admitting little. The people of Baden do not yet dare to move forward.

5 minutes: First corner for the Kickers, Marcos had chipped them out of Jopek. It’s cleared up, but then Cousin Hermes sends into the penalty area, but it’s blocked.

2nd minute: As expected, the OFC appears with Jayson Breitenbach right back. Access Maximilian Rossmann acts as left central defender.

1st minute: The ball rolls, OFC kicks off.

7 pm: It will start. Henning Reif (Sankt Sebastian) will lead the race.

6:57 PM: The teams enter the field. And there is an honor. Ronny Marcos, who has been on the left side of the Kickers defense since 2019, is being honored for his 100th competitive game. Maik Vetter, with the Kickers since 2014, is being celebrated for his 200th competitive game – but that was last season. So a little late, but festivals should be celebrated as they come. “Maik Vetter” sings sound.

6:54 PM: The guests line up with these eleven: Idjakovic – Goß, Hauk, Waack, Lässig, Crosthwaite, Politakis, Antlitz, Stich, Müller, Calhanoglu. Bench: Schragl – Kruger, Gibs, Onos, Becker, Dinger, Erbe.

6:53 PM: And this is what the Kickers starting eleven might look tactically like: Richter – Breitenbach, Zieleniecki, Rossmann, Marcos – Vetter, Jopek – Hermes, Derflinger, Wanner – Hosiner. Bench: Engl – Garcia, Knöll, Saric, Mairose, Lemmer, Mesanovic, Bozic, Albrecht.

6.50 pm: OFC coach Alfred Kaminski will change his starting team to two positions from the 1-1 draw against SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz. For right back Vincent Moreno Giesel (ill), who is not even in the selection, the registered Maximilian Rossmann is in the starting line for the first time. Jayson Breitenbach should defend on the outside right for him. On the offensive, Dominik Wanner replaces Rafael Garcia (bench).

6:48 PM: Hello from Bieberer Berg. The Kickers expect FC Astoria Walldorf today. An absolute favorite opponent who always left the field as a loser in Offenbach in seven guest appearances.

Offenbach – The 11th matchday is coming up in the Regionalliga Südwest. Kicker Offenbach welcomes FC-Astoria Walldorf and wants to win at home. The game kicks off Friday (October 7) at 7 p.m. at the Bieberer Berg stadium.

OFC welcomes FC Astoria Walldorf

The OFC was unable to win the game in Hesse against SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz on the last match day. It ended up being a 1-1 draw – a result that doesn’t help Kickers Offenbach climb up. With 15 points, the OFC is now ninth in the Regionalliga Südwest, now nine points behind leader SSV Ulm, who is still unbeaten this season.

FC-Astoria Walldorf, up-and-coming opponent of Kickers Offenbach, recently managed to score a goalless draw against KSV Hessen Kassel. The team of coach Matthias Born is 15th in the ranking with eight points and is therefore deep in the table cellar. Walldorf will probably have to fight to stay afloat until the end of the season.

OFC wants next home win

Last season, the OFC won the game against Walldorf with 2:0. Bozic and Garcia scored the kickers’ goals in front of 4,367 fans on the Bieberer Berg. OFC player Lucas Hermes is hot for the game against Walldorf: “We want to build on our performances and create many opportunities to score again, but of course we want to convert those opportunities into goals and achieve success.”

Alfred Kaminski, interim coach of Kickers Offenbach, absolutely wants to beat Walldorf: “The team went full throttle again this week. We had fun, we concentrated and worked concentrated. I am looking forward to Friday evening, to the crowd, to the atmosphere And we know that we will do everything we can to win this match.” (smr(

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