This is how the magic class works in the game

In the upcoming “Hogwarts Legacy”, players take on the role of a student at the magical school of the same name. With the recently released gameplay presentation, the developers also responded to a question about how the associated lessons fit into the game.

A few days ago, the developers of “Hogwarts Legacy” released a new one Gameplay presentation issued. There was an extensive look at the game, character customization and Hogwarts Castle.

In addition, Game Director Alan Tew, Senior Environment Artist Boston Madsen and Community Manager Chandler Wood answered some questions from the community. Many players wanted to know how the magic school lessons work in the game.

Lessons cannot be missed

In the video, the developers say that there is a lot of speculation from the players about the lesson. So it was a bit of a puzzle whether the lessons are tied to the time of day and whether you can miss the different lessons. This shows that although there is a day-night cycle in “Hogwarts Legacy”, the studio would have decided not to run a simulation. Instead, the game should be narrative.

“So there’s a big mystery going on in the world, something happening in the story,” said game director Alan Tew. “And we see it essentially as a chapter in this story, where each chapter has a series of missions to choose from as the game progresses. The lessons fit into this structure. So there are main tasks for the players to do.”

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In addition, the classes should also appear on the sidelines as optional things you can use to improve your spells. “It is absolutely correct that the classes provide all the main tools for gameplay. your spells. your key skills. You will be introduced to the professors.” Tew went on to explain that there will also be “additional opportunities” such as side missions in the classroom. The purpose of these is essentially to learn additional spells or things you need during your adventure. Also you get to know the professors better.


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