“This is a big mistake, Blizzard”

“This is a big mistake, Blizzard”

The famous “Silver Dragon” for rare spawns in World of Warcraft disappears. And the community is going up the barricades. They want to keep their mark on the life bar of rare mobs.

If there’s one thing longtime World of Warcraft fans struggle with, it’s change. Even worse, when that change consists of something being “taken away”. But that’s exactly the case with one of World of Warcraft’s most famous symbols. Because with Dragonflight, the famous “silver dragon” will no longer exist – if it happens like in the beta.

What is happening? With the next expansion, Dragonflight, there will be a major overhaul of the interface. The UI, which is now quite old, is fundamentally renewed, in many cases modernized and equipped with numerous customization options. However, some old decorative elements that would not fit into the new design also have to give way.

And just such an element of jewelry is the silver dragon.

What is the Silver Dragon? In World of Warcraft there are rare enemies called “weird spawns”. These often have a long respawn timer, so they are not always encountered. There is almost always a special reward waiting for you when you defeat such enemies. This can be an opportunity for a pet or a specific weapon, but toys are also possible.

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It has always been left. On the right you can see the new design solution.

In Dragonflight, the Silver Dragon is gone with the new interface. Instead, “Rare Spawns” will have a small icon below their health bar that identifies them as a special enemy. While this serves its purpose, it’s not that obvious and can take some getting used to to spot rare enemies at first glance.

Why does the community love the ancient icon so much? The “silver dragon” is associated with nostalgia in many WoW veterans. Many players can still remember the first time they saw such an enemy and were excited to see what it meant.

Over the course of 18 years, many people have become accustomed to this symbol and thus to the expectation that comes with a silver dragon. That is why it seems difficult for some to part with it now.

Here are the comments in the World of Warcraft subreddit:

  • “The Silver Dragon should never go away. It’s iconic. A big mistake.”
  • “Hey, it’s Dragon Flight. Let’s take dragons out of the game. Brilliant move.”
  • “Well damn. I hate that. You have to leave that in WoW because it’s an iconic element of the interface that adds to the feel of the game. The dragon is even used in Hearthstone to denote Legendary cards. It is a connecting interface element of the Warcraft franchise. What the hell are you doing, Blizzard?”
  • “Maybe it’s called Dragonflight because the dragon flew away.”
  • “Whatever soul the interface had, I think we lost it in the shadow lands as well.”

If in doubt, the whole thing will probably be fixed with an interface add-on in the first few weeks after launch – but maybe Blizzard will soften after all and not remove the silver dragon in favor of a small, nondescript character.

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