This gaming mouse has everything right except the price

The Razer Basilisk V3 Pro proves to be a superior quality gaming mouse.

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Another wireless version of the Basilisk series is launched with Razer’s V3 Pro. So far, the Basilisk Ultra leads the way in wireless mice in this series. With the new Pro version, the manufacturer mainly wants to attract passionate PC gamers who are not afraid of a high price.

Because the new mouse for right-handers is anything but cheap at 180 euros (RRP), but it also has a lot in store! Optionally, you can also get the Razer Dock-Pro to wirelessly and easily charge the peripherals after the gaming session. You can read how the new gaming mouse and the dock are doing in our test report.

Patrick Schneider

Our author Patrick has been out of hardware from the manufacturer Razer for a long time, so he was all the more excited about this gaming mouse in advance. In addition to the ergonomics and design, our editor was particularly impressed with the functionality of the peripherals. However, the price is a big downer for Patrick.

This is the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

  • ergonomics: ergonomic for right-handers
  • sensor: Razer Focus Pro 30k, optical sensor
  • solution: 100 to 30,000
  • sampling frequency:: up to 4000 Hz
  • connectivity: 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth, USB-C cable
  • switches: Razer Optical Mouse Switches (3rd Generation)
  • Keys: 10 + 1 programmable buttons with up to five profiles in memory
  • RGB: 13-zone lighting
  • Battery power: up to 100 hours (Bluetooth and without RGB)
  • weight: 112 grams
  • Dimensions: 130mm x 75.4mm x 42.5mm
  • Price: 179.99 euros

Out of the box

What can you expect from the content? Unsurprisingly, the gaming mouse comes in the box, along with a 6-foot fabric-covered USB-A to USB-C adapter cable, USB-A wireless dongle, and paper and stickers to stick on your hardware.

The docking station was also made available to us for our test. Unlike at first glance, it is also suitable for other purposes, but more on that later.

design and processing

When I first put my hand on the mouse, my first thought was: It feels really good! The processing of the mouse is at a very high level, which is to be expected in the price range. Especially the grippy and ribbed sides and the rougher primary buttons of the mouse are very flattering to my hands.

Apart from that, the right-handed mouse feels very good in the hand, at least in mine. Fingerprints are barely visible on the V3 Pro, due to the anodized and matte black housing.

One of my highlights is definitely the corrugated cardboard Hyper Scroll Tit Wheel-Mousewheel up! The name may sound strange, but this bike offers everything I need and even more. On the one hand, the feedback when scrolling can be completely turned off via a switch and on the other hand it offers you two extra buttons when you press the mouse wheel to the left or right.

The scroll wheel doesn't just feel great - it's really good too!

The scroll wheel doesn’t just feel great – it’s really good too!

What other options does Razer offer you?? There are two buttons below the mouse wheel: as mentioned above, the top one allows you to fly through the web pages without feedback while scrolling, the bottom one provides settings for the DPI.

You can adjust the sensitivity in the software to your individual needs and set the controller to the maximum of 30,000 DPI – if necessary. On the left side of the gaming mouse are three more freely assignable buttons.

Fans of RGB lighting are sure to get their money’s worth with the Basilisk V3 Pro, thanks to the mouse’s 13-zone lighting. The brand logo on the Basilisk Pro naturally lights up, but is understandably covered by the hand. On the dock, the mouse on the table looks all the more chic.

Lighting #1

The RGB lighting of the mouse looks great on a black background.

Lighting #2

There are hardly any limits to the design of the RGB lighting.

In addition to the logo, you can also illuminate the mouse wheel and the stripes on the bottom – and they look especially great on a black or glossy surface. It almost looks like bottom lighting – Greetings from Need for Speed ​​Underground 2.

Of course this gimmick and the RGB lighting in general is a matter of taste in my opinion. If it bothers you too much, you have the option to disable it using Razer’s software.

From brightness and various effects to syncing with other Chroma-compatible devices, all doors are open to you. Personally I think the software has a name synapse as very intuitive.

We’re slowly but surely working our way to the bottom of the peripherals, where you’ll initially see four white PTFE slide plates and a switch that toggles between Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless operation. On the right side of the sensor, you can use the switch to switch between the saved mouse profiles.

You can replace the plastic cover of the mouse with a charging puck to charge the mouse wirelessly.

You can replace the plastic cover of the mouse with a charging puck to charge the mouse wirelessly.

At the bottom of the back you will find a removable plastic cover under which you can conveniently store the USB receiver. Much more important, however, is the optional magnetic charging puck, which can be used at this point. You need this for wireless charging and especially for the optional docking station.

So much in advance: Charging on this chic station not only works great and looks damn good, the RGB strip on the dock also shows you the charging status of the mouse. Razer proves here attention to detail, which convinces me.

The Basilisk V3 Pro in practice

During gaming, the mouse produces a very good image and above all leaves a pleasant feeling in the hand. It’s extremely ergonomic and not too big or too small for my right hand – you could say it’s just that sweet spot. I especially like the thumb rest on the left side of the mouse and at the same time relieves my thumb.

You can change the DPI levels using the additional button below the scroll wheel trigger. With all five levels, clicking through to the desired DPI number can seem quite impractical.

However, personally I only use two DPI values ​​and if you use more levels you will definitely find another button assignment via software to switch between the sensitivity levels more comfortably.

There is also one on the left Sniper Button, which can be used, for example, to slow down mouse movement when aiming, and is a support for shooters. In addition to this button, Razer offers a total 10 + 1 programmable keys, whereby the manufacturer of course also includes the standards such as the left and right mouse buttons.

In practice, the two side buttons on the mouse wheel prove to be a blessing. For non-game use, I use it to scroll sideways and the two buttons on the left side of the mouse to jump back and forth through web pages. I was also impressed with the extra buttons on the scroll wheel in shooters and have always been able to find a suitable use for them.

Be it League of Legends, Valorant, Apex, Path or Exile or more comfortable games like Hearthstone – the movements of the mouse are precise, very smooth and very fast. Razers deserves the credit for this Focus Pro 30K– Get the sensor. This shines with an accurate optical sensor and low latencies, which in turn feel very direct and accurate.

Clicking the gaming mouse is fun and just feels rich, punchy and smooth. The manufacturer also lists a battery life of 90 hours in 2.4 GHz wireless use. In Bluetooth mode, the gaming mouse would last ten hours longer.

I didn’t have to charge it even after several evenings and the mouse does what Razer promises. You can then charge them via a USB-C cable or wirelessly – and this is where the Dock Pro comes into play.

Bonus – The Dock Pro makes the mouse even better!

The manufacturer is not stingy when it comes to developing suitable and useful accessories to give the peripherals that little bit extra. At first glance, the docking station looks like a kind of decoration that adorns your desk.

However, the dock offers two other features that I think are more than worth it. On the one hand, you use the QI charging puck to easily charge the hand flatter after the game session.

More RGB and more convenience: The optional docking station improves the hardware even more.

More RGB and more convenience: The optional docking station improves the hardware even further.

On the other hand, a receiver is integrated into the dock itself, which allows you to use the mouse in 2.4 GHz mode. This eliminates the need for the extra receiver that comes with the mouse and you don’t have to lay a cable over your desk when in doubt so that it and the adapter are in close proximity to your new gaming mouse.

Overall, however, both receivers offer an additional advantage that surpasses the Razer Basilisk Ultimate: a sampling rate of 4000 Hertz. With the same connection, the Ultimate only reaches 1000 Hertz, which equates to about a millisecond until the signal is processed by the computer.

The V3 Pro is four times faster than the Ultimate, coming in at 0.25 milliseconds, which should be of particular interest to professional players. However, the Basilisk V3 Pro is almost twice as expensive.

Even if the dock makes me very happy, I can’t hide the insanely expensive price of 99 euros (RRP). In the bundle you get around 240 euros together with the gaming mouse – an expensive purchase in any case.

Who is the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro worth?

If you’re already covered with the Basilisk Ultimate, an upgrade is less worthwhile in my opinion, as the innovations are too few in comparison. Apart from the sampling rate, the new Razer flagship offers a better sensor, which, however, also performs very well with the Ultimate and the wired version and meets modern standards.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse with a wide range of functions and if only the latest technology and the best comfort are good enough, you will certainly be very happy with the Basilisk V3 Pro – but the price of 180 euros is also taken into account brought . But Razer is not the first and only manufacturer to offer peripherals for the hobby above 150 euros.

Razer's new flagship mouse is impressive across the board.

Razer’s new flagship mouse is impressive across the board.

If this gaming mouse is already too expensive for you or if you’re looking for alternatives, I’d recommend checking out the Basilisk Ultimate, which has been mentioned several times and has a similar range of features. Or you wait until that expensive piece of hardware is available at a more attractive street price.

Logitech savvy users will be well served with the awesome G502 Lightspeed. Depending on the offer, it is now available for around 80 euros. Although the wireless mouse is only available without a QI dock, the price is very affordable.

And if you don’t have a wireless mouse on your desk, or are you just looking for a cheap gaming mouse from Razer with comparable performance specifications, the Basilisk V3 is your next point of contact.

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