These Collector’s Editions are our greatest treasures

This is how the GamePro editors grin as they examine their treasures.

In times of steadily increasing digital sales shares, you might think the heyday of “haptic” collector’s editions would be over. But far from it, as there are still horribly expensive versions of many titles on the market, which in addition to digital goodies often also contain special features such as figures, miniatures or entire helmets, such as the current Collector’s Edition of the Dead Space Remake .

In this article, we’ll open up our private collector’s edition treasure chests and show you which special editions are our personal favorites. In the comments you can of course indicate which Collector’s or Limited Editions you prefer.

Tobi still cherishes the Master Chief helmet

Tobi couldn't resist this helmet.

Tobi couldn’t resist this helmet.

When it was announced in 2007 that the legendary edition of Halo 3 would include a replica of Master Chief’s helmet, I knew right away: I MUST have it! The disappointment that it wouldn’t turn out to be a full-size helmet to wear was short-lived and since then I’ve regularly set aside a few bucks to get my hands on one of the editions.

Just in time for launch, I was able to open the huge black box and proudly place the helmet and pedestal on my shelf, where it has sat on the throne for years. By the way, under the helmet there are slots for the game packaging and for another DVD box that contains various bonus material. It is still an eye-catcher in my opinion, but has since been moved to the basement to make way for other things.

Linda does not buy collector’s editions but is addicted to steel books

Linda likes the look of Steelbooks.

Linda likes the look of Steelbooks.

I’ll admit, I haven’t bought a single Collector’s Edition in my life, simply because they’re too expensive for me and I’m really only interested in the game itself. However, there is one thing I would like to make an exception for: Steelbooks. The glossy covers look great on the shelf and I’ve passed out a few times in the past.

My favorite steelbook is probably the Bloodborne, simple and cool with the fighter at the gates of Yharnam on the front. Especially since the FromSoft title is one of my absolute favorite games anyway. I also really like the one from The Last of Us Part 2. And when it comes to older games, I’m still happy with the Metal Gear Solid 3 Steelbook, which you can admire in the image above.

Samara only has a small Collector’s Edition (and two books)

In addition to a small special edition, Samara also has two collector's guides.

In addition to a small special edition, Samara also has two Collector’s Guides.

Collector’s Editions aren’t really my thing for two reasons: first, I like only one of the goodies, while I consider the rest to be gimmicks; second, I just don’t have that much space to stylishly display collectible figurines and the like. Musical instruments, books and records take up quite a bit of space in my room.

That’s why I’ve only picked up the TV edition of Little Nightmares 2 so far, which includes a diorama with Mono and Six. It’s quite small, fitting the game title – but fun, I guess. I just love the art style. Other than that, I only have Collector’s Guides for Bloodborne and The Last Guardian, which I treasure as treasures, but which were not part of a special edition.

Eleen even owns God of War three times thanks to the Collector’s Edition

Just one issue of God of War wasn't enough for Eleen.

Just one issue of God of War wasn’t enough for Eleen.

I really only buy Collector’s Editions when there’s a cool character I really want to put somewhere. After all, my space is limited, so I have to choose wisely. I had already passed out at the Aloy statue from Horizon Zero Dawn’s Collector’s Edition, I had to go straight for the God of War figure. It just looks too beautiful as Kratos and his son Atreus slash Draugr as the ax pulls a blue tail behind it. I just couldn’t say no to that.

Although I actually already own the game. Not only did I have a Blu-ray review, I now own the game digitally thanks to the PS Plus Collection. Accordingly, my steel box containing the brand new Blu Ray is still sealed on the shelf. But anyway, the grade was worth it.

Kai always has a place for Marcus Fenix

Marcus Fenix ​​watches over Kai with a stern look as he gambles.

Marcus Fenix ​​watches over Kai with a stern look as he gambles.

I have so much Collector’s Editions plastic stuff that I don’t even know what to do with all that stuff. Many have ended up in the basement, some are gathering dust on shelves and others have even ended up in the trash. Pro Tip: These things aren’t necessarily a good investment, so don’t collect them “Mint in Box” in the (albeit sometimes pretty) boxes. It was an unexpectedly liberating experience when at one point I tore up the empty boxes and put them in the paper waste. Instead of boxes, you also want to see the opportunities and goals you paid huge amounts of money for.

However, two things I still love: the Helghast helmet from the Killzone 3 CE that sits in my workplace, and the statue of Marcus Fenix ​​from the Epic Edition of Gears of War 3 leaning on his lancer. The latter has one for itself Takes up space in the living room and always looks at me when I play. The fierce look somehow unconsciously urges me to do my best. Runner-up: the Alien Face Hugger from the AvP-CE. Slightly smaller than the original, but “beautiful”.

Dennis only honors Kai’s Dark Souls 2 character

Dennis got his knight Dark Souls 2 from Kai.

Dennis got his knight Dark Souls 2 from Kai.

Where in the past countless boxes and collector’s editions were neatly arranged alphabetically and found their way onto the shelves, I stopped showing games and Blu-rays at home more than ten years ago. The physical purchases, which are still rare, go into the drawer and I’m not much for figures, fancy covers or other collectibles.

Unless they have real personal value to me and make me feel good to look at. Last year, Kai sent me the knight from Dark Souls 2-CE, which he rescued from the Munich office when he was lonely and abandoned. That was just a cool move and it was nice that he immediately thought of me when it came to my favorite subject.

Chris only owns the Elden Ring Collector’s Edition, but hasn’t even opened the box

It's fun... But it wasn't enough for Chris to unpack the box.  Shame on his head!

It’s fun… But it wasn’t enough for Chris to unpack the box. Shame on his head!

Collector’s editions have never really been my thing, as the bonuses that come with them have never been of any use to me. helmets? I don’t want to deprive cosplayers of what they need for their costume. Soundtrack CDs? I completely switched to streaming a long time ago. Poster? I would never hang myself. So far, only art books and figures have piqued my interest. A little at least.

This is also the case with the Elden Ring Collector’s Edition, where I browse the quintessentially FromSoftware chic concept art and decorate my shelf with Malenia’s damn cool design (“Miquella’s sheet“, as I have often heard). At least in theory. In practice I never unpacked the bulging box, because shortly before moving I had to realize that such rubbish is just annoying dust collectors after all, which surprises me a few times days and then forget.

So my approach is pragmatic: Since the collectors gene just doesn’t thrill me enough and I wouldn’t enjoy the extras in the long run, I’d rather stay away from the expensive fan packs in the future. The Collector’s Edition of Elden Ring can (of course still unpacked) come in a display case. Not to look at, but as a reminder.

Annika only lets her absolute favorites get dusty

At Uncharted, Annika has become weak.

At Uncharted, Annika has become weak.

As a rule, I don’t spend money on Collector’s Editions. They mainly offer cool stuff like statues, helmets, steelbooks and some books, but to be honest, they’re just dust collectors, which I don’t have room for anyway.

Nevertheless, there is one moment or another when I still get weak: when it comes to a collector’s edition of my absolute favorite games for sale, which contains really beautiful and well-crafted visuals. Best example: Uncharted 4’s Libertalia CE. Nathan Drake takes pride of place in my apartment! Unfortunately the CE does not contain the famous ring, but it was in the Collector’s Edition of part 3, which I bought separately because I didn’t like the rest.

Otherwise there’s a killer here and there, but it’s not from CEs or was a gift. Except Bayek from AC Origins, who sits stylishly on a Sekhmet statue in the Gods Edition. I actually like other killers better, but as an Egypt fan I couldn’t help it.

Now we also want to know from you: which Collector’s Editions do you lay your arms over and hiss like Gollum: “My shaaaatz”? Are you interested in collector’s editions at all?

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