There are 6 free games this weekend

Ah, autumn has arrived, finally you can dig behind your computer with hot tea without a guilty conscience – and it’s all the better that Steam and Epic are once again offering you several games for free this weekend. For example, Mordhau, a medieval game in which you kill and skin. Or humanity, Civilization’s strategy rival.

But enough spoiled, let’s dive into the offers.

Highlight of the week: Mordhau

Test video for Mordhau - knight nonsense for chaos fans


Test video for Mordhau – knight nonsense for chaos fans

genre: Medieval Multiplayer | developer: triternion | release: April 29, 2019 | Offer valid until: Monday, 7 p.m.

At first glance, Mordhau resembles chivalry, ie a chaotic medieval multiplayer brawl in which I use sword and shield to knock hordes of other knights out of the picture. At second glance, however, it has more in common with the older War of the Roses, as Mordhau plays a little more methodically in his battles than Chivalry 2. I have to think more tactically, choose the direction of attack in even more detail, especially in competitive leaderboard mode to keep your head above water or at least on your shoulders.

But these are details. Mordhau is a very fun multiplayer game for sword fighting fans, which we can also heartily recommend – but there is a caveat: the player base is quite small (but has been stable for at least months). With an average daily peak of 2,600 concurrent users, you won’t find enough contenders in all modes… for a $25 multiplayer game, that’s a factor to consider.

The free weekend is therefore an even better opportunity to sample for free. You might find the waiting times okay, and you can try the PvE horde mode, which all you need to do is bring a few friends with you to play well. By Monday, Mordhau has also halved to 12.50 euros.

Click here for the free offer on Steam

Even more free games and free weekends

  • Fallout 76 is free to play all weekend with the Pitt expansion. So if you want to give the MMO another chance, you have until October 11th.
  • Humanity wants to dig the strategy water out of Civilization. According to our Humankind test, this doesn’t really work so far, but you can still have a lot of fun with it. You can play for free through Steam through Monday.
  • Slain: Back From Hell is a ridiculously difficult sidescroll banger with a very cool look and hard metal sounds. Give away for free in the Epic Store.
  • Rising Hell is another hot metal dream, but as a roguelite where you fight your way through hell. Will also be a permanent gift in the Epic Store.
  • Barotrauma is a cooperative survival submarine sci-fi simulator and we could certainly add a few more terms to it, but try it for yourself on Steam until Monday.

If this week isn’t your thing, check out Gundam Evolution as Gundams are proven to be the best battle robots in popular culture.

Or play our free full version for all Plus members, because Project Highrise is still a lot of fun years after its release.

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