The ten highest upgrades in GameStar history

One of the games with the highest upgrades is, of course, No Man’s Sky – but not in the top 5.

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Upgrades are rewards for perseverance. Rewards for development teams who not only sweep their games under the rug after release, but continue to maintain, improve and expand them over months, maybe even years, until the original version seems like an almost forgotten nightmare.

In the podcast, Michael Graf and Florian Franck talk about the ten highest upgrades we’ve ever given, i.e. the ten games that made the biggest jumps in rating in the post-test.


  • Europa Universalis 4which, seven years after its release, we finally gave the rating it deserves as one of the best global strategy games in the post-test – although not quite officially, as it was an experimental post-test.
  • Planetary Destructiona former Kickstarter flagship project, proved that $2.2 million isn’t necessarily enough to release a finished game.
  • No Man’s Skythe biggest comeback story in modern gaming, which today includes keeping the multiplayer promises Hello Games broke when it was released.
  • Wolcen: Lords of Mayhemwhich climbed into the top 3 most played Steam games when it was released and then went up in flames again because the technology was more flawed than a Diablo hero after visiting the butcher.
  • Fallout 76, which featured the best fallout world in Bethesda history (Micah quote), but “forgot” to populate it with human NPCs. The Wastelander DLC finally solved this problem.
  • spell power 3 we even upgraded it twice: once when the developers had largely resolved the serious release issues, and again when the free Reinforced Edition was launched.
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes appeared as an online role-playing game in the midst of the World of Warcraft hype and went under. That didn’t stop us from upgrading, although the stories behind the game are even more captivating!
  • Dragonsang Online has a no less tragic history, as behind it lies the bankruptcy of Drakensang developer Radon Labs, which was bought by Bigpoint and switched to developing browser games.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the game that Florian carried to all our editorial conferences after the test with flaming zeal until we finally let him have it – it was about time!
  • eFootball 2022 has… is… so… listen for yourself.

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