The studio’s CEO is “very sorry” to have to shut down PS5’s second-worst game

The Babylon’s Fall action RPG is being discontinued just a year after launch. The CEO of developer Platinum Games apologized to fans for the disappointment in an interview, but insisted the developers “learned a lot”.

What kind of game is this? Developed by the Platinum Games studio, Babylon’s Fall celebrated its release on February 28, 2022. The developer is best known and loved for their action-packed games such as Bayonetta and Nier: Automata. Babylon’s Fall is an action RPG.

However, the launch was not under a good star: after it was announced at E3 2021 that the game would be a live service game with microtransactions, criticism rained down. The subsequent beta tests also failed to convince the players of Babylon’s Fall.

The game launched on Steam with just 1166 players at its peak and has since dropped to just one active player. Babylon’s Fall received a scathing review of 46 from critics on Metacritic. In PS5 games, it is only undermined by eFootball 2022’s 34 points.

“We are very sorry for the disappointment we have caused”

This is what the CEO says: In September, it was announced that Babylon’s Fall would be taken offline again on March 3, 2023, almost a year after launch. In an interview with, Platinum Games CEO Atsushi Inaba spoke about the shutdown for the first time since the announcement:

[…] The disappointment we caused our fan base is something we deeply regret. […] We as developers are not very happy if we do not bring joy or pleasure to the players with our creations. […]

But despite the fiasco, the CEO wants to maintain the company’s current course. He plans to produce more live service games in the future, but they learn from the mistakes of Babylon’s Fall. “Nothing has changed at all” in the plans.

We learned a lot from this experience, and it doesn’t change our plans for the future or our view of developing live service games. It’s definitely something we want to do and strive for in the future. […]

There are, as it were, two pillars that we can take a closer look at in our development team. The first is the sheer fun of key gameplay mechanics found in live service games. The second is to run the live service. I think that these two pillars should be strongly linked internally. […]

There are these reactions: On one of the largest gaming subreddits, r/games, the news that Platinum was eager to continue producing live service games was met with little enthusiasm. The developer is best known and loved by fans for their bombastic and action packed single player titles.

Skepticism about the transition to live service was already loud before the release of Babylon’s Fall. After the flop the players now feel confirmed in their opinion.

  • “It’s crazy that they’re planning more live service games. I don’t know why anyone would trust them after this.” – paperDisgrace
  • “Very disappointing to hear that they plan to devote more resources to live service projects. […]“ – 197639495050
  • “So it’s not a good excuse?” – SmoothCriminalJM

There were some voices expressing regret over the closing of Babylon’s Fall and also enjoying the game. Individual suggestions have also been made for interesting live service concepts for Platinum, such as a multiplayer Vanquish game.

However, the majority of commentators were disappointed that Platinum Games wants to stay on track.

How do you feel about Platinum wanting to provide more live service games? Would you give the developer a second chance after Babylon’s Fall? Tell us in the comments.

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