The star of “Die Geissens” is so incredibly rich

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The Geissens take fans on TV into their luxurious world. It’s no secret that the family of four has a lot of money. But now Robert Geiss revealed for the first time how rich he is.

Monaco – lavish parties, champagne rain and caviar by the pool – The Geissens around Robert (58) and Carmen (57) live the life that many can only dream of. In the noble metropolis of Monaco, which, as is known, only opens its doors to the thickest of wallets, every day shines in pure luxury for them – which they share with their fans without hesitation. Whether on “Goodbye Germany”, in their own reality series “Die Geissens – A Terrible Glamorous Family” or on social media – the family of four makes no secret that they probably don’t have to worry about anything in the future. money. near future.

“I’ve got the 100 million full”: Robert Geiss reveals for the first time how rich he is

The Geissens are rich, very rich indeed. But nobody knew exactly how much money Robert, Carmen, Davina (19) and Shania (18) really had. Under an Instagram photo, in which Carmen Geiss recently showed many changes, the former model at least promised that next year’s new episodes of the family’s own TV format would finally answer the burning question of where all the gold actually comes from. The exact account balance of the jet set quartet was a mystery for a long time – until now.

The jet-set lifestyle of Robert, Carmen, Davina and Shania Geiss regularly captivates crowds of TV viewers. It is not yet clear how much the glamorous group has on account. But now Robert talks openly about the financial sewing box. © IMAGO/Smith; IMAGO/wolf sports photo (photo montage)

In an interview with the “OMR Podcast,” Robert Geiss digs deep into the pouch for the first time and gives some hard facts about his net worth after years of speculation. “I have the 100 million”, he reveals in an interview with the Hamburg entrepreneur Philipp Westermeyer (43), “That’s the pension, that’s the basis so that I can still live in peace at the age of 70.” still room for improvement, but the Cologne resident, whose family has been running an honest wholesale business for generations, does not see himself as a billionaire: “I don’t want to go there because I don’t want to work that much,” he explains, “I have enough what I have.”

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“We don’t feel rich at all”: Robert Geiss modest despite millions in the account

As Robert Geiss proudly recalls in the podcast: The fashion brands Uncle Sam and Roberto Geissini, as well as castles, hotels and other real estate made him incredibly wealthy. In the diamond-studded coastal paradise of Monaco, the former boutique owner is having a great time – even if many of his Monegasque neighbors have dug deeper into their pot of money. “We don’t feel rich at all,” explains the TV-savvy businessman, “People are walking around there, your shoes fall off. When you go into the harbor, there are boats of 100, 120 meters.”

Despite all the wealth and lavish lifestyles, there is always a bigger fish in the world of the super rich. “You just feel normal down there and we feel normal too and I think that’s the success we’ve had,” says Robert modestly. Laughing, he adds: “We are not aloof, even if we are taking a walk with a yacht.” There is always a lot going on in the life of Robert Geiss and his glamorous lovers, because “The Geissens” fans are sure that Davina Geiss has recently undergone cosmetic surgery. Used sources: OMR Podcast/Episode 543,

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