The race in Suzuka now live!

7:11 am

red flag

And that’s it for now. The rain is too heavy. Red flag. But of course Sainz and Albon don’t make any more money, both are out. As Sainz turned away, Albon had a technical problem.

Zhou also spun, but like Vettel he was able to continue. By the way, he had contact with Alonso and therefore turned around. Let’s see when it goes on.

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7:07 am

safety car

Leclerc gets off to a good start at the start, but Verstappen fights back and stays ahead at the end! Leclerc’s teammate flies further behind, Sainz is already out. Albon is also standing and Vettel also had a spin.

A pretty eventful first round. Luckily everyone is ok! The safety car is out.

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07:00 o’clock


The tire list is here: all drivers start on intermediates. No surprise. The warm-up lap is underway and as we have not received any other information, we should then see a normal start without a safety car.

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

6:53 am

Open the session ticker now!

You know the game: A few minutes before the start, it’s time to open our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen. Only there is the full coverage of the race, here we limit ourselves to the most important information, photos and votes.

It is best to run both tickers in parallel. And if you want to know how to watch the Formula 1 livestream in Japan, you can do it here!

6:47 am

Schumacher: rain as an opportunity

“I think that’s actually pretty good for us,” the German says on “Sky” about the conditions, recalling: “Our car drives in the rain, we saw that in the first free practice.”

“So we just have to make sure we stay on track and have a clean race,” he explains, saying that “hopefully we come a long way” in the near future.

He starts from P15.

06:42 am

Marko: Get to the finish line first!

Helmut Marko does not want to think about a possible title victory for Verstappen at the moment. “First we have to make sure we get through this race safely. It has to rain harder,” explains the Austrian on ‘Sky’.

“We don’t know exactly what the starting procedure will be like yet. Well, there are so many uncertainties. We are concentrating on the race first. If we win it, that’s great, but we have to finish first,” said Marco.

It starts in less than 20 minutes!

6:36 am

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06:32 am

Everyone in the starting grid

With the exception of Gasly, who will start from the pits, all 19 drivers entered the grid. This is not self-evident under these circumstances. Let’s see how the situation develops to the beginning.

Depending on the weather conditions, the race director then decides whether a normal start will take place or whether the driver will start behind the safety car. It starts in half an hour!

06:25 am


The pilots are out and we can see it’s quite wet. But most drive on intermediates. That should also be the tire of choice at the start – if the rain doesn’t get even heavier.

By the way: we couldn’t afford such a long delay as in Singapore this time. Because the planned start will take place in Suzuka at 14:00 local time. And sunset is around 5:30 pm.

06:18 o’clock


Josefine wants to know if Verstappen received penalty points yesterday for the incident with Norris. No, that was not the case. If there is a warning, it is not there. By the way, you will find an overview of all penalty points here!

In two minutes, the pitlane opens in Suzuka, and the tension is mounting!

06:10 am

Gasly starts out of the box

A little bit of info from AlphaTauri: Gasly will start out of the box. He has a different rear wing and his setup has also changed a bit.

That makes sense from AlphaTauri’s point of view, as Gasly was only on P17 after a messed up qualifying. So he doesn’t lose much by starting from the pits.

The new set-up should give him more chances to overtake. Let’s see if the plan works.

05:56 o’clock

To rain!

Meanwhile, it’s already raining here in Suzuka! But don’t worry: it rains a lot less than in Singapore. So we need to be able to start on time this time. At the moment it would definitely be a start on intermediates.

It starts in just over an hour and the pit lane opens at 6:20 am.

5:49 am

missed qualifying?

No problem! You still have plenty of time before the start to keep up to date with the great daily analysis of Kevin Scheuren and Stefan Ehlen! The following topics were on the agenda:

– Verstappen vs. Norris in qualifying: what was it?
– Vettel shines with top 10 grid position
– Schumacher makes mistakes in Q2
– Where was Mercedes in qualifying?
– Alpine: Drivers 2023 are not green, but …
– AlphaTauri: Red Bull team drivers were a problem, but…
– What the second Williams driver should be able to do
– So yes: Red Bull starts talks with Honda for 2026
– What happened on Latifi’s ride?

After the race, the two will come back to you as usual with a live analysis. It starts today at 2 pm on the YouTube channel!

We also invite you to the big Formula 1 viewing party! Watch the race with Kevin and Sophie. It starts half an hour before the start of the race at 06:30.

F1 analysis: all background on the movements of Gasly and de Vries!

Saturday’s Formula 1 analysis in Suzuka: How Ferrari messed up pole and background from Pierre Gasly and Nyck de Vries’ changes! More Formula 1 Videos

05:37 am


Of course, the obligatory look at the strategy should not be missing before the race. Pirelli proposes in any case a two-stop. Different variants are possible. On paper, soft-medium-soft is fastest.

A final stint on medium or the soft-hard-soft variant is also possible. A one-stopper, on the other hand, should definitely be slower. Of course, all this only applies if it has to stay dry.

And that is far from certain. Most drivers assume that the rain will come. Verstappen even believes in “a lot of” rain. The only question is when it will start. So we will always keep an eye out!

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