The open world offers a lot, but not unlimited freedom

Diablo 4 will have an open world, but…

Diablo 4 will not be Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is how the developers of the upcoming role-playing game Blizzard describe its open world, for which they want one thing above all: not to raise false expectations. According to them, the open game world of Diablo 4 offers a lot, but not unlimited freedom.

Diablo 4 should still tell a very specific story with a clearly defined beginning and an equally clearly defined ending. This is revealed by Diablo boss Rod Fergusson and game director Joe Shely in a newly published interview with IGN. We summarize the most important information about the open game world of Diablo 4 for you.

Diablo expert Fabiano has very specific expectations for the latest installment of the role-playing series. You can read in his detailed analysis which five things Diablo 4 absolutely must do in its opinion:

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5 very important things that hardly anyone thinks about in Diablo 4

How Diablo 4 aims to unite story and open world

What the open world means for Diablo 4: With its game world, the developers of Diablo 4 dare to do something new: Sanctuary is not divided into separate zones for the first time, but you are free to explore the entire game world. So you can travel seamlessly (on foot or on a mountain) from the scorching deserts of Kehjistan to the corrupt swamps of Hawezar – all without loading screens.

Of course, all kinds of side missions and occupational therapies await left and right on your journey to keep you happy. For example, in the form of abandoned buildings in which monsters, demons, bandits or worse have settled after the events of Reaper of Souls.

In fact, anyone who has rid these buildings of their unwanted inhabitants should be able to see how people disperse there when they return later. This should give players the feeling that their actions are actually changing something.

Incidentally, Diablo 4 also uses a shared world principle in its open game world: along the way you can meet other players and even bring big world bosses to their knees with their help – but exceptions are story missions and dungeons.

Diablo 4 – View Screenshots

What the open world doesn’t mean for Diablo 4: Despite an open game world, fans shouldn’t count on unlimited freedom – as Rod Fergusson and Joe Shely never tire of pointing it out in an interview with IGN. Specifically, this means that Diablo 4 doesn’t rely on a completely organic open world like Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Instead, the open world of Diablo 4 would allow for a certain non-linearity, but the beginning and end of the story are clearly predefined. As you journey through the Diablo 4 game world, you can be distracted by all sorts of things beyond the golden path. But in the end, the most important question in the role play is in which order you work through what.

Why a world? Micha was able to talk about this with the developers of the role-playing game at Blizzcon in 2021. It is best to watch the following interview and what Micha learned:

Diablo 4 is heading in the right direction, but why the open world?


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Diablo 4 is heading in the right direction, but why the open world?

It is clearly very important for Fergusson and Shely not to give fans false expectations of the open world and the freedoms it brings. According to the developers, the principle of an open world in games is more of an illusion anyway: While players want freedom, they also want to be told where to go.

Besides: Ann-Kathrin has hope for the open and shared world of Diablo 4, but also for her fears and worries. You can find out what she expects and learns from the Blizzard role-playing game world in her detailed video column:

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Please Diablo 4, Don’t Make Your Open World MMO Hell – Column On Blizzard’s Action RPG

What do you think of Fergusson and Shely’s statements about the open world of Diablo 4: Have you been reassured by the developers’ predictions or did you expect more from the big innovation? Let us know in the comments!

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