The new club coach criticizes predecessor Klauss – 1. FC Nuremberg

– Markus Weinzierl had imagined it a little differently. After the home defeat in 2:3 against Holstein Kiel, the new coach of 1. FC Nürnberg did not let his predecessor get away without a fight, at least indirectly. The captain, on the other hand, sounds the alarm.

Markus Weinzierl left it to the regular observers to decide after eleven games what place 16 is called. In any case, the new coach of 1. FC Nürnberg did not want to talk about a relegation battle after the 2:3 against Holstein Kiel. Although given the extreme fluctuations in performance in recent weeks and also on Sunday afternoon, it can only be a matter of not relegating.

“I think we played a decent game for 50 to 60 minutes,” Weinzierl said, albeit without adding the second goal. The fact that the score was suddenly 1-1 a few seconds after Enrico Valentini’s attempt at distance, which was worth it, also meant that Weinzierl was somewhat at a loss. KSV Holstein’s immediate counterattack was not only stopped in time by Christopher Schindler with a tactical error on Fabian Reese, but was hindered deep in the half of the Kiel field by Jens Castrop.

For the 1:2, Weinzierl felt that a “chip ball” in free space wasn’t enough to make Schindler look bad in the ongoing duel against Reese, the 1:3: “one pinball target, two press balls and through the legs” . Still, the new coach did not want to lose sight of the positive aspects: “If we score the second goal, we win.”

But they didn’t and so lost after a good hour due to a total failure together. “We couldn’t keep up the pace for 90 to 95 minutes,” Weinzierl said, and he knew why. A main problem? A condition problem? “Both,” the coach replied at the press conference.

Seven games until the winter break

In other words, the team is not fit and currently has little or no confidence to deal with setbacks professionally. Not exactly ideal conditions for the remaining seven games until the winter break: in Düsseldorf, against Hanover, in Kaiserslautern, against Magdeburg, in Rostock, against Paderborn and in between in the second round cup match at Waldhof Mannheim (Tuesday 18 October) can only be The is about “getting a sense of achievement as quickly as possible,” as Weinzierl emphasizes. To stabilize the club somewhat.

Weinzierl didn’t say it could be more complicated than many people think, but his captain did. “It’s a serious situation,” said Schindler, who didn’t look well after all three goals he conceded. “I am personally very sorry and it hurts a lot.” For Schindler, the fact that they had made it extremely easy for the Kielers at times because they wanted to “push higher after the break to get better in the duels”.

So the whole block moved a little further forward, but opened up a lot of space for the Kielers for their predominantly fast attacks, the result is known. And leave little hope for a speedy recovery. “In our situation, we need the points,” said Schindler. Where and when they want to get something again remains a mystery after the malaise in the second half against Kiel.

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