The majority of Germans are trying to do something about climate change

According to their own statements, the majority of Germans are doing something to combat climate change. This is apparent from the results of a representative online survey by the opinion research institute YouGov commissioned by the German news agency. For example, four out of five respondents save greenhouse gases.

All about energy: how will we heat in the future? Where does the electricity come from?

Avoid air travel and car journeys

40 percent said they would avoid air travel completely, 12 percent said they would at least partially. About a third (36 percent) of those surveyed indicate that they sometimes do not drive. 13 percent abandon the car completely.

45 percent of 2022 respondents said they would try to buy fewer consumer goods. And even when it comes to diet, nearly a third (31 percent) are aware of the climate and at least partially avoid the consumption of animal foods, five percent say they live vegan.

Only 15 percent do nothing at all

The vast majority of those surveyed want to contribute to reducing global warming through their behavior. A fifth said they voted for parties committed to combating climate change. According to the survey, four percent take part in protests or demonstrations for measures against climate change. Only 15 percent said they had done nothing at all.

Responsibility lies with politicians and business

More than every second respondent (54 percent) sees responsibility for the fight against climate change despite their own commitment to government and big business. Above all, 29 percent of the participants see the responsibility in themselves, namely the citizens. Depending on demand, between three and six percent stated that there is no climate change at all.

Concerns about increasing global warming

According to the survey, a clear majority of people in the country are concerned about increasing global warming. 37 percent of respondents said they were ‘very concerned’ and 34 percent said they were ‘somewhat concerned’. About a fifth are hardly (13 percent) or not at all (nine percent) concerned about it.

Women and the elderly are more concerned

Concerns about climate change are generally more widespread among women than among men. While women are more likely to see corporate and government responsibilities in tackling global warming and men are more likely to see individuals, women are more likely to say they are changing their own behavior.

Respondents over the age of 70 were even more concerned than 18-29 year olds. Respondents in their 40s are the most relaxed about global warming.

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